Certificated chimney sweep?

Hi I am Beaulieu 87230 near Chalus and am looking to get my chimney swept and need a certificate for my insurance? I do not speak French as yet. Could anyone recommend someone please?

Many thanks

Hi Valerie, many thanks for the info! I will give him a call.

Hi Anthony, I'm in Oradour (sur Vayres) so pretty close. I'm on the books with Tim Shepherd who schedules to come over this area usually September or October - I think he's Poitou Charente but he has a few clients in the Haute Vienne now so organises days which will suit everyone and does us en masse. He's English, an ex fireman, full qualified to work in France and he and his wife are lovely.

Mention my name - his numbers are Tel: 05 49 87 02 96 / Mob: 06 45 23 90 72