Certified Translator Wanted

(Jill Warne-Cleave) #1

Does anyone know a certified translator who can quickly translate two English birth certificates into French and does not charge silly money? Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks

(Teresa Ann Weatherill) #2

I’ve emailed you the details Jill.

(Jill Warne-Cleave) #3

Thanks. Yes please I would love her details. You can e-mail me direct if you prefer on jillcleave@yahoo.co.uk
Once again thank you.

(Teresa Ann Weatherill) #4

I know a lady that translated mine for me within 2 days for 30 euros. Not very close to you but she may do it via the post? Let me know if you’d like her details.

(Helen Ducal) #5

I know someone. Will ask her tomorrow and get back to you. Helen Ducal