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OK, so we now have to go ME/AE with our Chambre d’Hôtes as we can’t just shove it on our Impots form as we have surpassed the minimum threshold. We have had the form from the Impots asking how many m2 we use for our business. I know people with CD that have just put down their office space, but the Impots say, no, it has to be the whole space used to run the business. Can anyone give me an idea as to how much I will have to pay? (I have another AE and declared 2m2 and am paying 121€ this year in CFE so am crapping it a bit if I put down the 26m2 for CD). Any info would be great i.e., how much m2 you declared and how much CFE you’re paying. TIA and merci.

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Presumably your partner has registered the CdH business, since one person cannot register two separate micro entreprises. Be careful if “we” are running a micro entreprise - make sure all emails, contracts etc are only ever signed by the one of you in whose name the business is registered. Always best to make sure your back is covered :wink:

Presumably also, the 121€ CFE you pay is the minimum. Most small businesses pay minimum CFE. The amount seems to depend more on the turnover of the business than the measurements you put down; using twice the area doesn’t mean you pay double the CFE. If you want to compare, you would need to compare with another chambre d’hotes in your own commune because CFE is like the other property taxes, it varies a lot from one commune to the next. Where I am, the minimum seems to be around 235€.

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Thank you for replying Anna. Actually 1 person can have 2 Micro’s under totally different regimes (ie prof lib/artisan/commercial). My OH has the Chambres d’Hôtes under his name. I have asked on other forums if there are other CD owners in my area that pay CFE, no joy I’m afraid. The CFE for my AE/ME is the minimum and I have asked the Impots regarding the amount that ‘he’ will have to pay. They said it’s the Commune that decidem si talk to the Mairie, the Mairie say talk to the Impots. There seems to be no guideline or any information or calculator so I can budget :frowning:

" 1 person can have 2 Micro’s under totally different regimes (ie prof lib/artisan/commercial)"

I think what you are saying is that you have an ME and your OH has an ME, ie you have one each, and of course neither of you has any involvement in the other’s activity because that would be naughty :wink:
But just to clarify in case anyone reading this is misled, French law is quite clear that one person can only have one entreprise individuelle, ie one siren number. Within that business you can, if URSSAF agree, carry out different activities.
"L’entreprise individuelle obéit au principe d’unicité du patrimoine, il n’est donc pas possible de créer plusieurs entreprises individuelles etc"
Simply, you record the income from each activity separately, you fill in one quarterly income declaration for URSSAF and enter each type of income on the appropriate line, cotisations are calculated at the appropriate rate for each activity and you make one lump payment.

Anyway to get back to the point - as I understand it: the conseil municipal ie the commune sets the base rate at which CFE is charged in your commune, and this is usually decided at a meeting in early summer (same as the base rate for taxe fonc/hab). The departmental Conseil Général (I think?) decides how this rate will be applied on business, ie the profit levels at which exemptions/reductions will kick in, but this tends not to change year on year; and when all that’s been fixed, the tax office can calculate your individual tax based on your individual income declaration. The mayor can’t tell you how much you personally have to pay because he doesn’t know the figures on your tax return, all he knows is the base rate, and the impots can’t tell you until the commune has set the base rate and they’ve processed your tax return. They should be able to tell you by now what the tax is for this year, the bills will be landing in our espace pro any day now.

Are your chambres in the same building as your living accommodation? If so you don’t pay CFE on them. This is what my tax office told me last year.

Yes, they are. Right back down there. Thank you.

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Are your chambres in the same building as your living accommodation? If so you don't pay CFE on them. This is what my tax office told me last year.

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