CFE - minimum cotisations

Information regarding the CFE and the end of exonerations for AEs

Thanks for the info, Tracy. What worries me is that they seem to be basing the baremes on chiffres d'affaires without distinguishing between commercants and professions liberales. That way, the commercants will be much heavier hit by the tax. Is that other people's understanding ?

You seem to have been very lucky in your dealings with "other cultures"!!

But all said and done the AE regime is so easy and cheap compared to the main stream ones - the proof - I'm in my second year of mainstream after 4 as an AE and now pay 12.000 euros a year to the RSI (just got my quarterly demand for 4k€ so that's ruined my weekend!)

'any real sense of obligation towards one's fellow man' or woman - tut-tut! None of those 'orrible generics here, please!

Oh yesss, we refer to it as an RSI/URSSAF/CAF (or whatever) raid, optionally using the Italian razzia, because we turn up and ask them QUESTIONS whilst SMILING and FROWN when no ANSWERS come. If it gets to a point where nothing (more) can be achieved, by being in the office the possibility of asking for a supervisor/superior is always at hand. The phone is a waste of lost time as a rule - unless it is a civil service department half way across France.

Funnily enough Emily my French husband says the same :-)

No, nothing from RSI. I always declare, even if it is €200 in a quarter, the risk of hiding payments and then getting a heavy penalty means it is not worth it.

If you earn nothing, it's worth getting in touch with the tax office and asking them to let you off paying the CFE. Make sure you always declare your income though... Additionally, if you are AE and earning nothing, I don't think you can benefit from RSI health insurance.

Ditto, also as I understand it being two AEs we have the taxe foncière as per normal, then each has to pay CFE since we are individual AEs (there being no other form of being an AE). So, it actually begins to catch up with UK business rates :-(

Exactly, it replaced the taxe professionelle if I remember correctly BUT you pay both taxe foncière and CFE, one doesn't offset the other ;-)

I have been advised that because of my 'ailments', if I do not earn anything I should do a sicky. Despite that advice, no information seems to indicate that that would exempt me. Looks like we have to just pay up :-(

Totally illegal unfortunately though Emily. You should come and join us on Ladies in Business in France, a closed Facebook group. Really helpful stuff on there and we have been discussing this recently (the illegality stuff). Sorry to poach members Catharine and James!

as Emily says, it's not at all odd here in France, Deborah. The AE scheme is the only where you don't pay CFE and charges sociales regardless of income, that's just the way it is :-(

That's a thought, Emily. Will be interesting to read the other responses to this. I find it very strange that a country would ask you to pay money on income you never earned. Very, very odd.

Tracy, thanks for posting this. And this means that even if you make zero income, you'll pay tax?

Will the normal rules still apply for AE where you only pay social charges based on what you actually earn? Or will a change in that status be 'in the wind' the way Andrew alluded to it?


i don't understand! Can someone please explain?

Thanks for the info Tracy

it was only a question of time as will be forfaits for the charges sociales... :-(