Chambre de Metiers approval

Hi Everybody,

My son is seriously considering doing a City and Guilds Level 2 diploma in Bricklaying with a private training company in England. It's one of those fastrack courses where you can fully qualify in 10 weeks but it is not cheap , about £5000 I think.

He speaks excellent French is very keen to go and work in France after he gains this qualification. He tells me that he has contacted the Chambre de Metiers in Touoluse, NARIC UK and in France for clarification on whether this qualification will permit him to access the Chambre de Metiers, but nobody can give him a definitive answer.

If anybody out there can help or guide us we would really appreciate it as I don't want him to spend all that money and take a chance that maybe it is sufficient.

I have read many articles on France and gone through endless posts on internet forums to understand that entry into a French institution with a foreign qualification can be very difficult. Even if the degree, diploma or certificate is equally comparable to the French equilivant.

We know that the CAP or BEP is what is required for access and on the face of it a City and Guilds level 2 should suffice but I really am seeking some serious re-assurance.

It is not easy being a parent !!!

Thanks in advance...

Hi Bob

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Why isn't your son looking to do his qualifications in France, through AFPA or GRETA for instance.I say this because there is a world of difference between the two construction methods and french qualifications will be accepted more easily then english ones.

i'd go for a cap here in France if he's planning to work here, anything else/UK will just be hassle :-(

I agree - if he wants to work in France he'd be a lot better off getting French qualifications, either through GRETA or through a Centre de Formation d'Apprentis. Also it won't cost you 5000 pounds. Nobody here will take a city & guilds qualification seriously I'm afraid because it won't mean anything to them - the only people who will know anything are the admin people in the Rectorat & they aren't in the work market.


I really appreciate the feedback and advice everybody has contributed so far.

I have shown this to my son and hopefully he will take on board what everybody has said.

Merci beaucoup toute le monde :)