Chamfering le bonce

As a reluctant visitor to the barbers shop I have put off the event until absolutely necessary.

Bev does a reasonable job with the kitchen scissors but every now and again its nice to have a proper haircut.

I have looked in SFN, Anglo-Info, Google etcetera but have yet to find where the nearest barber shop is. Neighbours and friends are all cropped by wives, girlfriends and so on and there are ambidextrous salons but no sign of a simple cut and go barbers here in Audierne or indeed within 20k or so.

I see there is a one day course available in Brest but where the pupils go is unclear.

What does the average French man consider the norm?

In Paris, go to rue du faubourg st Denis. Wall to wall barbers - who charge about €7 for a haircut. What you do outside Paris, I've no idea!

50F the last time I had it done, but I've been cutting my own hair for years now and that was just because I didn't have the tondeuse with me at the time ;-)