Champions League Final - can't find a Bar to watch it

Does anyone know a bar in Castillon-la-Bataille or Libourne (both Gironde) that will be showing the Champions League Final between Liverpool & Spurs.

I am struggling to find somewhere - closest bar so far is in Bordeaux nearly an hour away.

I can watch the game at home, but it is always much more fun to watch it with a crowd.

The comptoir des sports in Ste Foy seems to have the television on all the time, but you would have to check with them.

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I managed to find a great bar in Gensac called Le Gensake - it was a great place to watch the football and thoroughly enjoy a Liverpool win.

The time has come again as we approach this year’s Champions League final, once again Liverpool FC will be playing so again I am looking for a bar to watch it it.

Castillon-la-Bataille, Libourne or Ste Foy la Grande - would be ideal.

(unfortunately where I watched last time in Gensac has changed owners).

I think we may try here

I was last there before COVID but I can’t imagine they have changed much - lovely steak tartare!

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Oh I ate there when I had a house visit (Barbara Deane’s!) When I was working in the tourist industry. Was lovely, had a great steak frites!