Change email address


what am i doing wrong,now we are here in France I need to change my email to my French address as the UK one is dead.

Have gone to my settings done as asked but it comes up as address already in use so how can I reset please

One of the issues when changing from one ISP to another is that you can often continue to receive mail through the former ISP, at least for a time, but not to send it through them. This will normally occur where you're using a 'client' email program, such as Microsoft Mail, Outlook Express, MS Office Outlook, Thunderbird. The reason is that, as an anti-spam measure, most ISPs refuse to send out mail that doesn't originate from within their own network, and that clearly applies to someone who has moved elsewhere. Computer techies get round this by using the new ISP's sending server, but simply changing the sender's address to the previous one, along with having multiple mail accounts set up within the mail client program.

All the same, I always recommend people to avoid the day-to-day use of their ISP's email address in favour of a gmail, yahoo or hotmail-type address. You can then change ISP easily, with minimum disturbance. One system that isn't tied to an ISP but has a French flavour is This is free to use, works with the standard client programs, such as those above, and has a web interface for when you're away from home. I don't use it myself, but have friends who do.

True but I could not log into my old one to receive any mail it worked ok to log into site but I could not use it to send or receive

Brtan I don't understand this. Email addresses never die even if you have long since parted company with your ISP. I still have email addresses which work from at least three ISP's and very useful they are at times.

Bryan, is your wife using the other address for her account? A gmail account beginning bryanbry?