Change of driving licence and categories

Motorcyclists are recommended to put a foot down to ‘shop’ that they have been stationary.

and, my driving instructor taught me to change into 1st gear for a gentle pull-away from a Stop sign…:grin:

3 seconds or 6 seconds according to the one that ticketed me.

You may wish to respond to something by disagreeing with it. That’s fine. But, remember to criticize ideas, not people. Please avoid:

Name-calling. Yes I see being called a Fraud as name calling. And as advised have flagged this to the moderators
Ad hominem attacks.
Responding to a post’s tone instead of its actual content.
Knee-jerk contradiction.

to clarify in my ignorance to re rea what I was writing it was the beginning of 2016 when i got my licence changed and by Valid i mean as a actual resident of france. While working here i was also still working in the UK and had not taken it as fact as me staying here and was in debate to go back to the UK to continue nursing.

I chose after to stop here and began to make all the changes needed to become permanent here and during this process I was pulled for a traffic offence and given points they could not issue and was told to get a French licence. I advised the DVLA on the phone of my planned full time move to france and as I was still classed as a resident of england was able to change my licence to a new photo licence. (yes I had been too lazy to get my paper one changed to a phot licence before.)

I hope this clarifies my previous comments and suggestions.

I’m confused. Why would you flag that? It’s not name calling, why would you think that? I used the word fraud because that’s what a French resident who changes a U.K. licence using a third party U.K. address commits. On a forum like this it is imperative that dangerous or illegal advice is highlighted. The rules for exchanging driving licences are straightforward and should be followed.

You have contradicted yourself. If you were a U.K. resident when you changed your licence, fine. However, if you were a UK resident you would not have been required to have changed your UK licence for a French licence because you committed a driving offence. You can’t have it both ways.
Your post yesterday states that the French authorities required you to change your driving licence before you exchanged your paper licence with the DVLA. That implies that you were considered a French resident. A French resident must not use a U.K. address to obtain a replacement U.K. licence.

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it was at the border where we had decided to stay here anyhow and when they asked me and i stated yes I was going t be here peremnatly now they then demanded i get it changed. Hence why I rang the dvla for advice and followed the advice that they gave me.

That changes absolutely nothing. Your experience is in the past and that is the best place to leave it.

yes but still without asking me for the facts you accused me of being a Fraud, Personally I took offence at that. Yes i got my wired crossed but you down right accused me of doing fraud.

Please read what I wrote at least twice. I did not call you a fraud I said that if a French resident uses a third party address to exchange a U.K. licence with the DVLA then that is fraud. Mind you, the way you’re going on, if the cap fits…
The advice you gave is wrong and it is necessary to warn others of the consequences of following it.
Personally I’m fed up with your mangling of my native language so suggest you give it a rest!

no you answered “Fraud, rather you than me.” which was directed as an insult to me so escuse me if I find you a rude and arrogant person. I just can’t stand people who feel the need to belittle others or just get on their high and mighty am I horses. They are the ones I left england over and their pompous attitude.

Now since this is diverting from the subject and one f the other rules is not to divert from the original subject.

Clearly you are going to argue the point forever so get off it. Thanks.

Please read my posts before continuing to dig yourself out of a hole.
You posted false, illegal advice. I pointed that out. If you do a similar thing in the past I will do it again. I have never called you a fraud. I’ve explained your misunderstanding but, no you refuse to accept the facts. Sad.

you need to read your reply again. Fraud rather you than me was aimed at me therefor it was telling me i was doing fraud…

And if I do a similar thing in the past? See we all make mistakes this year last or last year, Past or future. I wont make a thing out of your word misuse as im aware you meant future not past.

Yes but in reality, lots of us do and the DVLA is more than happy to turn a blind eye. So please stop being so judgemental and more to the point, aggressive.

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Now you sound like Donald Trump. :slight_smile: Sad.

Personally I think this post should be stopped here !

I do not take sides, I haven’t seen where anyone has claimed that you are a fraud Harry, this post by another member says it all “David is quite correct in suggesting if a French resident uses a UK address for DVLA… this could be fraud”. Meaning that to do this is fraudulent.

Please all lets calm down here, there should be no ‘personal attacks’ or name calling. Life is too short.

I think that we are all concerned that sometimes to post information that is out of date, or that happened in the past can be misconstrued. We all make mistakes, now let’s please move on.


It’s a pity that the member of the modering team who has posted recently did not make your accurate observations.

I would refuse to pay it! Ask the gendarme if he can clarify that although you did stop it was not for long enough. If he confirms that you did stop you can then ask him to point out where, in Code de la Route article R415-6, a time limit is mentioned. I cannot find one!

Here is that article -

A certaines intersections indiquées par une signalisation dite stop, tout conducteur doit marquer un temps d’arrêt à la limite de la chaussée abordée. Il doit ensuite céder le passage aux véhicules circulant sur l’autre ou les autres routes et ne s’y engager qu’après s’être assuré qu’il peut le faire sans danger.

Le fait, pour tout conducteur, de contrevenir aux dispositions du présent article est puni de l’amende prévue pour les contraventions de la quatrième classe.

Tout conducteur coupable de l’une des infractions prévues au présent article encourt également la peine complémentaire de suspension, pour une durée de trois ans au plus, du permis de conduire, cette suspension pouvant être limitée à la conduite en dehors de l’activité professionnelle.

Ces contraventions donnent lieu de plein droit à la réduction de quatre points du permis de conduire.

My understanding is that you have to change to a French licence once you have been resident in France for 5 years.