Change of water supplier

We have a house in the Creuse, departement 23 but still live in the UK.

We have just received a fat envelope of paperwork from our Mairie informing us that the commune is no longer going to manage the water supply, instead it’s split between SIAP de Boussac (our local town) for drinking water and Creuse Confluence for l’assainissement etc.

We are required to enter a contract for the drinking water obliging us to provide number of people living at the property, date of birth of owner/s etc and supply copies of passport/driving licence.

Have any of you dealt with a similar situation, the supporting paperwork is very detailed and we are expected to supply everything within a fortnight!

Any advice greatly appreciated.

Just wondering if you have a neighbour or someone in the area, who will also be in this situation…???

who looks after your property when you are away ??

When our council changed water suppliers… we were notified, but nothing needed to be done by us. Perhaps it is because you will now have 2 suppliers… perhaps it is because yours is a holiday home and they want to estimate usage…or confirm who is the owner (for the bills) I have no answers… just offering ideas.

as usual, contact your Mairie to ensure its not a scam

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Contact your Mairie, provided you use the details from the Mairie website… rather than just from the letter. (Unless you are sure the letter contact details are correct. )

Zapping an email might be easiest… unless you are great on the phone :wink:

Dear Stella,
Thanks so much for your helpful e mails- I’m on to it.

Thank you Philip, the astute first step to take, am on to it.

The marie changed water suppliers but ignored that the new water would be very hard. Nothing about the effect it would have on peoples central heating.

How on earth do you work that one out? You might be billed by a different company but they’re hardly likely to bring in different water from a completely different region, are they? My town’s water provider changed about 18 months ago but the water still comes from the same place through the same pipes.

I worked it out by using the old scientific method.

The water that we used to have , supplied and treated by the village water works, came from the granite mountains from the north. The water was soft but left a Chalybeate deposit which was not a problem.
The water is now piped in from a source some 8k away, which is calcareous, leaving a heave lime deposit everywhere. A major problem.

There are rumors about the financial stability if the new supply organisation , which does not seem to have filed account for several years.