Changeing from Micro Bic to AE

Hello all could anyone please tell me if it is possible to change from Micro Bic to AE, my husband tried to do this last year but nothing happened even though he got a computerised email saying that it would be dealt with. Could it be that being self employed as an Agent Commercial he is not allowed to be an AE.

He is earning less each year but his cotisations keep going up which doesnt seem right to me and feel that it would be much easier to pay as you go.

Many thanks for any help

Thank you very much Lucinda will send it in again.

Thank you all very much for the info. Lucinda did you have to do the same as Hilary apply to the tax office and de register and if so what does he have to ask for from the tax office. My husbands earnings for this year was 6000 euros (Immobilier) and cotisations from the RSI amount to 2200 euros and business tax 416 euros which does not leave much to survive on therefore tring to simplify things by paying as he earns.

Obviously he needs to get this sorted out sooner rather than later.

I stand corrected ! I nearly went back into agency work a few years ago, was already an AE and at the time you couldn't, have just read a few other AE forums and most have managed it without specifying what they do/leaving it rather vague. some still can't get there, others have...

I've recently gone the other way after 4 years as an AE, I'm now back into the mainstream system having created an SNC (but still with the RSI...!) and having done gone through the figures we've opted for IS rather than IR but each situation is different...

It is possible but you will need the Tax office (Impots) to agree. I am an Agent Commerciale ( en Immobilier) and changed at the beginning of this year. You will have to do it before the end of December if you want it to take effect in 2013!

I wrote to the Impots (AR) and then sent a copy of their letter to the RSI. I had to de-register for TVA as well but they could see from my decreasing income that I would need to reduce for the time being.

You will also not be exempt from the professional tax awarded to new AE entrepreneurs!

Bonne chance!

Interesting, my OH is an AE and agent commercial because she has her other profession as a social researcher that was registered first. But I remember that had she been doing the immoblier first then she would not have been allowed. So ambiguous if there is another activity.