Changement de destination

Has anyone here any practical advice for changing the destination of a residential building to a commercial outlet. I know what the law says, but it’s more the practical, the real side of the story I’m looking for.


I like that idea Andrew. Very good suggestion.

As with everything in France, it's who you know not what you know - if you've got the maire and others on your side then why not. Does the maire think it'd be passed? You could always try to outflank the bloke who doesn't want you to open with press releases about the "soon to be opened restaurant" get it up and running in the public eye as if it's a chose faite and that way it'll go to planning with a whole load of momentum and public support...? just an idea, sounds like an excellent move to me, there's so much scope in the trade which on the whole provides a very mediocre product.

Got a hundred and one ideas on the boil Andrew to be honest. Yes though that is one of them. I've done the business plan, got a couple of good chefs primed. (Real chefs, not cookery course chefs), and getting down to the nitty of the admin, which actually sounds like a lot of canvassing the local glitteratti to make sure there are no flies in the ointment. This one guy's vote do you think it could halt the project?

Sounds like a difficult one, put a clause suspensive of getting permission for a change of use in the compromis de vente that way you'll be covered but I guess you know that anyway, you going into the restaurant trade?

The move, we're at the stage of meetings with banks later this week to sort out the finance, the douanes have their dossier now and that seems ok but we're waiting to be called for an entretien, seeing the FDJ on friday too for the loto, have dates for the 4 day compulsory stage with the douanes, have another one to organise with la FDJ but that's just a couple of days. House sale going through ok - it's subject to a clause suspensive of getting planning to turn the barn into gîtes... but all seems ok at the mairie! If all goes to plan we'll be moving into rented (found the house and given a deposit) at the end of July/1st of August, School visit later this week for the kids too, and we'll take over the tabac mid sept... going to be a busy summer :-O

Thanks Andrew. Charente, Residence to restaurant. My problem is one of the local Conseilers has the other restaurant in town and is known to actively block restaurant developments (and has done for the last 30 years). I know I can count on the Maire and 5 of the six conseillers, but this one guy is giving me the 'choquettes' - as we say up north.

I would only aquire the property on condition that the proposal is approved to be honest, otherwise it has no interest for me.

BTW - how is your move going?

Hi Nick, I know that it's all the rage in Paris at the moment but in the opposite direction - old shops converted into nice new flats. Will depend on the location and possible "nuisance". Paris or Charente?