Changeover Days

This has been touched on before. But as I can't find the details and there may be some new thoughts, I thought I'd pass on a query from one of our owners as it's a tricky question that keeps cropping up:

'Could I ask a question of your advertisers? I'm just wondering if everyone has a changeover day of Saturday or if it varies. I've always stuck to Saturday, but then people have trouble with traffic, pricier flights, etc. on a Saturday and wondering if I should change it perhaps to a Sunday?'

We have an apartment in St Cyprien, Languedoc, 2 bed/2 bath, gated with a pool...typical seaside resort...we have a Saturday handover...reason in the main is the same as others have said...most people go on hols on a Saturday....though its been difficult finding someone to do the handover as Saturdays busy with all the other apartment owners! we looked at the site we advertise on....Owners Abroad...and most changeovers are Saturday...we assumed for good reason...we have good bookings...around 40 weeks a year...not bad considering Perpignan airport only operates May to October...and its a very long drive from Calais...15 hours...

We've just changed from a Saturday to a Friday.

Main reason was to have good changeover staff.. they didn't want to work Saturdays. Plus when you find problem during cleaning at 1pm on a Saturday you can't get a plumber / electrician / anyone out.

If you think about UK package holidays... they go all days of the week. Avoiding the weekend days is good particularly in July and August if you consider the state of the toll booths and motorways... plus cheaper flights in the week.

Hi, we've been doing gites for 8 years and for the first season we did Saturday to Saturday but then changed to no minimum stay at all. This transformed our business as we're in a good location for "Stopovers" in Champagne. Guests stay here for a week or two, long weekends and on their way to and from other regions such as Burgundy. Although many more changeovers we find that our booking calendars get filled by guests selecting dates that are available that suit them best. We also sell a lot of Champagne, palettes of it, because many more different guests each buy some to take home.

Just had a quick look at your website. The private pool may well be a factor, but 'en effet' they're all pretty stunning places and well-presented, so maybe you've found the magic Friday formula!

I'm old-fashioned in my view of Sunday. I love the idea of it being the one day with no real plans or work...oh but then I always end up working. Damn.

Wise words. I think there's no magic formula, but once you find what works for you sticking with it definitely seems beneficial.

I suppose out of peak times it's easier to be flexible though.

Thanks Jon. Interesting stuff.

Would you say the Friday one is the most booked because of the Friday changeover, or are there other factors?

Hi Danny,
It is an interesting topic and one we have struggled with over e years.
I agree on the point of flights, ferry crossings etc all being at their peak for obvious reasons, so a different day can make sense.
We tried one year to be even more flexible re various day requests, but that just looses you income.
Since most people have at least one partner working, it means they normally finish up on a Friday so Sunday still makes sense.
I think the trick is once decided stick with it.
Best Regards

Hello; For the Houses I manage I always have a changeover day of Saturday, although yes flights are more expensive, people that work normally take holidays Monday to Friday and also I can't get my cleaners to work on a Sunday, which is fair enough. If you do the changeover (cleaning etc) I suppose a Sunday would be fine.