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Does anyone know about the possible changes to AE? I just saw something on facebook about it, but it was in French & I didn't fully understand it.

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Too right, Emily. I see from the Connexion this month that there are ministers, including Moscovici, the Finance minister, who are reputed to be against the time limits being imposed and are happy with the continuation of AE as is. Lets hope common sense wins the day and the ideological nonsense loses out in the end, but i am not holding my breath.

Well, the full training day I went on and the pre-registration seminar I attended never mentioned this fact. The majority of attendees were AE's in their principal and only activity. Clearly this original intention was not communicated to the trainers or the Chambre de Commerce staff, who handled my registration.

Yes you are quite right, it was set up so people could see if a business worked before launching themselves fully into it.

Andrew Hearne has commented on this in previous discussions.

I was informed yesterday by The Connexion paper (whilst being interviewed, don't you know, autographs on request), that the AE was set up to help people augment their earnings and was never intended for people to use for their main income stream. That was news to m, I know people that were under the BIC/BNC regime where you pay in advance (becayuse the government have crystal balls and know how much you're going to be earning in the net year) and changed to AE in an instant as the PAYE they felt was much fairer.

It seems that the ridiculous assertion that fraud is more likely in AE businesses has taken hold in govt circles. The building trade in "classic" regimes pushes this notion as part of their attack on AE. Its also what my french socialist voting acquaintances and friends trot out in any discussion on the subject. Its a bit rich, when most of them have already retired or are about to retire, some ridiculously early, on very nice 'fonctionnaire' pensions and all I am looking to do is carve out a small living and most likely will need to continue to do this well after retirement age. Fraud is just as likely in classic regimes. Where there's a will, there's a way.

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There is a full press release on the following page:

Look for:

10 Avril 2013 - Sylvia PINEL - Le gouvernement apporte des évolutions au régime de l'auto-entrepreneur

Latest update

now talking about limiting the AE status to 5 years max. CFE isn't calculated on turnover so can be far higher than 1.5%. My 4th year CFE would have been 320€ had the exoneration period not have been extended. The CFE range is roughly from 200 to 2000€ depending on your property and area ;-)

It's suggested that while the exoneration of the CFE will be abolished, it won't amount to more than 1.5% of one's turnover.

Nothing has been decided for definite yet!

Just out - they would like to limit the length of time you can be AE - just comments though, no real news.

No Prob, I did a blog post yesterday about a potential major change for December 2013... if you want to check it out:

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The government because of the crise has kept everything almost exactly the same. There has been a slight increase in social charges (cotisations), and they may take away the exoneration for CFE (cotisation fonciere entreprise), but it looks like that's about it.