Changing address on car registration

Hi all.

We have moved from the Auvergne to the Gers and need to change our address on our car registration. Any idea how and also whether it needs reregistering in the new area?

This tells you what you need to do. It's easy and should cost nothing. You need to change the address within 1 month of moving. You may also need to change the number plate depending on whether the current number is the old or new configuration. Hope this helps.

We moved from 83 to 87 and we registered a change of address at the Prefecture. There was no charge. All we got was a letter a few days later confirming the date we changed and a sticker to cover the old address on the Carte Grise. Our car already had one of the newer reg plates so that didn't change. A shop across the road from the Prefecture sold new region stickers that we just used to cover up the old 83 PACA logo.