Changing Bank Details & Address

Right I've done as I believe I am supposed to...not that any officialdom has told me so as of yet...but I've opened a separate bank account to receive my invoice payments in. Now the next step is to change the bank account on Net Entreprises from which they deduct my cotisations. Anyone any ideas how to do this?

I also need to update my address but cannot find any faq or help on the Net-Entreprises site.

Has anyone done any of this & can give me some advice?

Thanks Angela, sounds great - and I presume there are no fees for transferring/receiving money online?

I've just opened a free current account with La Poste for AE purposes and you can have a withdrawal card for a cashpoint free, however if you want a CB to pay for things online then you pay for one. I opened the account at a Post Office rather than online but after that they send you codes for online banking.

I have opened a separate ¨compte courant personel¨ with my banque (Société Générale), no problem and no charge, but no credit card or cheque book. They knew very well what it was for. - John

They rather seem to encourage online (it's free with them)

It costs you anouther 25€ish? if you you need a cartd

La Poste sounds great but does it allow you free online banking? I try not to accept cheques from clients as they're such a hassle so I'll try one of those others if not - thanks so much!

We had the same malarkey with Banque Populaire, but be saying we were off to LaPoste they changed their mind, and we have an email from blokey saying no charge for ever (so let's see). Pretty dumb, they still wanted AGM reports and so on, it's as if they've never heard of AE.

So, try that or LaPoste (5€ a year). Online you have INGdirect, Fortuneo, Hellobanque all of which can be free unless you go overdrawn, stop a cheque, breathe etc. The advantage of laposte is that you can pay cheques in which suits us. ("Us" means my OH really).

I went to Credit Agricole and asked to have another personal account run alongside my existing one. They told me that as far as they are concerned if I use an account for business activity it must be a business account so the fact that I've been using my personal account for business for the last 2 years is a problem.

They are the only bank in my nearest village. Can anyone recommend an online bank account that I can use for business that won't charge me much?

as an update to this - I have received a form today from URSSAF regarding my Déclaration de modification ou de cession d'activité - they then commit to contacting all the other relevant bodies on my behalf. However, I am doing the form in pencil first....

Seems logical to me. Why not, since ultimately it all comes to the same thing and do the powers that be know whether that is your normal account or a dedicated account already? I think not, so what you propose seems to make great sense. Unfortunately, I cannot because of bills out, payments in and various accounts where I buy things...

I've decided it's easier to keep my existing account for business use and set up a new account for personal, as then the only people I'd have to inform about new bank details is the CAF. Is that correct or am I missing something?

That'll cheer the OH up.....not!! he hates having to mess around with his "perfectly set-up" accounting systems. Good job he'll never get to meet the legislators! Thanks again Brian.

They want us to pay them from the new account it appears. Go to the Net Enterprises site and settings to change the account details.

As for working black, sure that is the logical outcome they probably know but chose to ignore with people like myself getting money paid directly to account from abroad unable to do it.

Thanks Brian, It's pretty much what I thought but wanted to double check, just another thought do we have to pay our quarterly bit through it or can we continue from the existing account? By the way I agree entirely that's it's a pointless exercise, people that fiddle the system use cash not banks so they gain nothing except make more people go back to working on the black!!!

NO! Not a business account, they will charge you vast amounts of money for almost nothing. Just get a regular account alongside the existing one but no card or cheques, get a paying in book in case. Then you can do the bookkeeping on your work income, pay your quarterly bit directly from it and then transfer/move the rest or what you need to your regular account. As a AE they want to know your income that might include repayment of expenses (on which we lose money often) but not your outgoings. They are not deductible so are of no interest to URSSAF/RSI or the tax people. Continue to pay them from your regular account is best, just include the amounts to be paid in what you pay yourself. You will not need to change anything and will keep charges down a little with it.

It all strikes me as pointless, but if we have to, then the less the banks get for old rope the better.

I've finally decided that I'll have to have a separate personal account, (deep sigh!), for my AE meagre income but does anyone know if I have to manage it like a business account and put all my outgoings through it as well? We run gites so it would mean having to change the electricity, water, blah blah which I really don't want to do :(

I too have just changed address and I send a AR letter to URSSAF and to INSEE and will let them take care of the modifications. I don't plan to change any of my paperwork until I've received a new attestation from URSSAF

Yes, me too.

I've changed my account details to my new 'separate' account but have yet to test it as don't need to declare until the end of the month. As far as I remember this is what you need to do:

  • Sign into your account on net.entreprises
  • Poke around in your settings and find your current bank account details
  • Cancel or delete them when found
  • At this point you can add another account and when you've done it, it prompts you to print the details, sign it and leave it at your bank

Hope this helps - think some variation on the same process might allow you an address change.