Changing car?

OK, my ageing Freelander 2 has let me down again. At 250,000 kms and dripping from several orifices, I’m thinking it might be time to change. It’s been ideal for us, good all round transport for ourselves and dog, good in snow , trips up forest tracks for picnics etc. BUT I’m thinking now some sort of of some small estate, not so concerned with 4x4 now as snow and runs to ski field not so important. So what’s good value?, 2nd hand, new leased, petrol, diesel, or electric? Like the IDEA of electric. Requirements are- day to day into town and locally, range - 35-40kms. + occasional trips to Toulouse- 280km round trip. + 1-2 times per year back to UK, 3-4000kms. roughly max 10-12000kms per year. Love to hear your thoughts and ideas/suggestions.
PS This is purely functional transport, I have a classic in the garage for high days and holidays. :wink:

Phew - that is a relief, I was getting worried there - also have a Honda CRV sensible car and Mazda MX5 for fun.

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Second hand Skoda Estate, beloved by taxi drivers for good reasons. May not be cool, but a great workhorse.

We have an electric for day to day stuff (VW ID3) and a Skoda for long distance and trips to the déchèterie.

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Get something French would be my advice from my own experience. My Berlingo has been all over Europe and is now still perfectly trusty after nearly half a million kms and the only reason I bought the Peugeot Partner was because my ageing right elbow and left knee could no longer stand the strain of slow moving traffic, so I needed an automatic. The Partner now has more than 300,000 kms on the clock and, like the Berlingo, is still going strong. :smiley:

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Previous car was a Skoda Octavia Estate, 4x4. Great car. On my list. Also buying something French was on my mind. Local garages know sod all about Freelanders… They say “Ha ha, you need a Renault/Peugeot/ Citroen (delete as appropriate)”.

I have a Partner as well, 2011. It’s currently only done 140,000 km, but I hope to keep it another 5 years if I can before I buy electric. Only problem we ever had with it was a broken cam belt with a totalled engine. Pretty major I know, but got a brand new engine free of charge. Since then, haven’t had to do anything beyond the usual. On the last CT, the guy said ‘its perfect, no problems at all’. Here’s hoping for those extra 5 years :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

Likewise with mine but the UK ULEZ expansion and Rouen as well means a change to a petrol stop gap car for now.

Don’t forget that new diesels now also need to have the AddBlue tank filled as well as the diesel tank, and that said exhaust gas additive is not exactly cheap at around £30 for 5 litres.
With an electric there is also the initial cost of having the charging point installed, plus a probable increase in the ‘Abonnement’ element of your electricity bill in addition to the cost of the electricity used for actual charging. The basic 30amp (6KVA) domestic supply will not be sufficient.
Depending on the state of your back, and finances, you may want something with nice comfy seats for those Toulouse to UK trips.
Always travel ‘First Class’ whenever possible, because if you don’t, then your inheritors certainly will.

Addblu is a lot less Robert, about €1 a litre at the Carrefour pump. Buying at the pump also means you can actually fill right up and it also reduces the risk of damaging the paintwork with spills. I fill up about once a year, I’d say.


For domestic over night charging it will be ok and most people have the middle 9kva. Yes the stupid french abonnment, enough said.

Surely the various levels of kva avialable in France are the perfect way for people to tailor their incoming supply to their needs rather than the UK where you can plug in numerous electrical gismos just because you can.
I think France are much more responsible with its electricity usage.

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We’ll probably never agree but in the UK we to pay a standing charge abbonment if you will but we can plug in what we need up to the supply limit and we pay for that in kw used. In France, I need 9kw abbonment just for the occasions in autumn and winter that we may want electric heaters on but do we spend money changing this from 6 to 9 twice a year or pay for the privilege of potentially using more but not actually doing so but for a few weeks at the cooler times.
Does that restrict what we plug in and use, no. Therefore it doesnt save the planet its just a PIA.


I agree - the abbonement is charging for what you might occasionally use, rather than what you do use. Makes little sense except to extract money.


Exactly my point, we do agree. Some may plug in what they need but others plug in what they want/like which are often non essential ( illuminating a house with Christmas lights springs to mind). We all pay a standing charge and all then pay for the electricity we consume.
The French system makes you think what you need whereas the uk system doesn’t which for many allows them to plug in this and that and when the electricity bill arrives, oops! Too late fuel poverty and wasted electricity.

A quick look at French charges form 6 to 9 kva abbonement it 3 euros per month so not a fortune in the grand scheme of things.2nd home owners will invariably have a different view.

No, it is a charge that gives you access to a maximum power source, you only pay for what you choose to use from that source.

Certainly considering electric and was thinking our 9kva would be sufficient for slower recharging during the night on off peak. But is there an option for a car with the range for the 240km round trip to Toulouse? (Without breaking the bank…) For example, what would be the monthly charge for leasing a fully electric hatchback? Am going to look at a petrol Golf tomorrow.

No idea of lease deals etc in France but the range is certainly doable.

Boring but functional - still pleased with the Dacia Duster - price wise it’s huge value - boringly practical - the 4x4 isnt exactly land rover but treat it like a hire car and it’ll get most places.
Skoda Octavia or Yeti are both good value

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Our ID 3 has a theoretical range of 400km when fully charged. I say theoretical as we have never tried this as only ever charge to 80% (recommended).

But electric car kms do depend on external temperature, how you drive and the terrain you are driving over.

Also available in bricos I think