Changing Carte Vitale then earning nothing

Hi all

There's a chance I might get some paid work (shock, horror...) and I might need to set up as an AE pronto.

I'm currently on my husband's Carte Vitale as an "ayant droite". I believe that if I become an AE I'll be back to having a Carte Vitale in my own right, but that the system behind this Carte will be the RSI, instead of the CPAM.

So, I'd need to register as an AE, then what... (I guess once I declare some income apply for a Carte Vitale through the RSI and relinquish my Carte V which was issued but the CPAM).

My question is, what if I earn a pittance? The work I might be about to get will earn me a few hundred euros. I'm by no means certain I'll get other work, and certainly not to amount to more than a couple of thousand euros, at the most. Question, would I be better off asking to do the work under some other system, such as the CESU (I could be classed as a bilingual secretary, I believe, which is an allowable category).

Is there a lower earning limit for a Carte Vitale under the RSI? Like there is for the CESU? I earn money under the CESU at the moment but it's so little that this doesn't allow me to have my own Carte Vitale (bad) - but allows me just to stay under my husband's account, rather than chopping and changing (good).

Just trying to avoid doing so much unpaid administration going between fonctionnaires, that I negate the 2 and a half pence I'll finish up earning!

Hi Emily, you can be registered as AE and still be entitled to healthcare or 24 months without earning a penny - centime! good luck!

Emily, you can start up as an AE in a couple of minutes online, you'll stay on you're husband's carte vitale while the rsi sort out your new one (a year in my case) and once you're up and running there's no minimum income to keep the carte BUT if you have no turnover for more than, I think it's still 3 years but may have changed, you're struck off the AE scheme. The AE scheme is the only one where you can start up without paying compulsory charges sociales and is so easy. I'm in the process of buying a business and things get really expensive once you're in the mainstream - I'm looking at 25 to 35k a year in charges sociales from my third year onwards, the accountant's looking into ways of setting things up differently to avoid some of the impôt on top of that...!!!