Changing from self employed (RSI) to PUMA

Hi Does anyone know how to change from RSI to PUMA would appreciate help with this.



It’s all PUMA. Do you mean, change your caisse from RSI to CPAM? Do you currently run a business and are you closing it? If that’s the case then unless you already have a different route to healthcare (eg you have got a job, if so the switch will happen immediately and automatically) your cover will (in theory) continue with RSI for exactly 12 months after the date your business is radiated, and after that you will no longer be covered by RSI and you will have apply for healthcare via a different route, eg if you get an S1 you take it to CPAM or if you’re inactif you apply to CPAM on the grounds of stable and regular residence, or if you’ve lived here for 5 years then you will automatically be accepted by CPAM as a resident. That’s roughly how it works but without knowing anything about your situation it’s a bit hard to advise.

However it remains to be seen whether RSI will be absorbed into CPAM within the next year or so. If it is, the process might or might not get simpler.


Thanks for the reply and I should have said that I am going to cease being self employed as we have lived here for 10 yrs and are above retirement age,

In that case I think you should start by informing RSI you intend to retire and would like to collect your pension, you must have some pension due from them if you’ve been working here for 10 years. And I guess they will take it from there and tell you what you need to do. I believe that in fact normally when you retire you stay with the same caisse that you’ve been paying into up to retirement.

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Many thanks for the info