Channel 4 documentary series looking for brits setting up businesses in france

A NEW LIFE IN THE SUN is an aspirational TV series for Channel 4 which follows enterprising British people as they head to Europe to set up new lives and businesses. We are currently looking for people to take part in the second series and would like to hear from any Brits who are either about to enter their first season in a new business, currently searching for the right business, or maybe you have a business which has been set up for some time but you’re about to enter a new challenge?

If this sounds like you (or someone you know) please drop us a line telling us a bit about you and your business venture.

Please get in touch on:


I usually scorn TV programmes using the word sun and then following it with the

phrase ' new life' but because of this programme I have found an excellent restaurant!

And that is rare!

And a possible pop up in a vineyard.....

Great idea and especially what may follow.

Do something well in France.....and it will work!

Have I got an idea for a diversion I going to go one step further and beyond....

well maybe! The ideas are here and so is the esxperience.

Thanks Barbara, I will give you a call

Is there anyone in my general region who wants to join in on re-location workshops at

their chambre d hote? Are you a good an kean gardener? Could you teach others to love their garden

and make it a very special place to be in?

You could join the 2 projects together and unite with me to create a slightly different type

of holiday.