Channel 4 Documentary Series Looking For Brits Starting Businesses in France

True North Productions in the UK are currently filming a new Channel 4 series following British people as they set up great new businesses in France and Spain. We have been filming for a few months now and are now looking for new businesses to follow.

Whether you are still in the UK ready to move out, renovating a property, just about to get up and running or recently opened, we'd love to chat to you. We are keen to feature anything from B&Bs, to adventure companies, restaurants or bars.

We hope our aspirational series will show that far from putting their feet up, British expats are heading into Europe creating opportunities.

If you'd be interested in chatting to us about your business or project, drop an email to Jamie on

Lived in France for 8 years, moved back in 2010 for personal reasons, got my head straight ad things sorted now heading back to the Charente region.. Lots of issues to deal with to get back into the system, lots of things to resolve as well..

Going to be an uphill struggle but looking forward to the challenge to getting back to selling antiques at the Brocantes - Vide-greniers again..

Not sure if I am for the show even in myself but if you need any help let me know..

Please do not expect too much!

I am based in the countryside of S W with rewards from fine wine and

plenty of tourists.

I came here with a plan and fully experienced as a chef and owner/operator of a

restaurant noted for high standards. But I also arrived with the knowledge that I

was slowing down and not expecting a high turnover as a had achieved in London,

No point in trying to do what I did unless you come with adequate funds to

purchase in a good spot, make really good renovations and have something to

offer which is a little bit special.

Lots of people have talent but they need to find a way to develop and use it.

Unless you are prepared to be extremely competitive in your pricing....

and, by doing that, perhaps you may not make enough money to get by.

It is hard for people in UK .....for many of them.

Without a plan here it is probably more difficult.

The rewards are space, beauty, nature.

Thanks so much for the help Helen, let me know if you think of anyone.

We would be keen to chat to people who have been in France a few years, you're just a little too much of a French-lifestyle veteran!

Trying to think of friends as I have been turned down as although my business is new, I've lived here too long :/ Shame really as for a new business it couldn't be newer - AE since May 2015 (having been a vdi for 18 months)

Hi, I have started a new 'Food Truck' (a French term!) business in the Loir et Cher, starting mid June 2015. That's right, an Englishman chefing and selling cooked food to the French. I have bought a (2nd hand) Catering Trailer that has a wood fired pizza oven on it, made in Wellingborough Northants and drove it over to France. At the moment I am trading on markets in 3 towns. Please see my new Facebook page: Hippo's River Café. I have been and am still jumping through the numerous and various administrative hoops that the French have created! Please get in touch via the Facebook page if this is of interest to you.

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My husband started a business in France nearly 2 years ago…restoring brakes and clutches for veteran,vintage and classic motorcycles. He also restores motorcycles, liking to specialize in pre-war machines. He had a very successful business in the UK before we moved here 3 years ago, and after building and setting up the workshop…commenced business.

Setting up in business here was simple( contrary to belief) but getting the French to part with their money is something else.

They love having shiny bikes but are simply not that bothered about the mechanics of them…there is no CT (MOT) for motorcycles so brakes are not important until they have none!

Despite traveling to Autojumbles all over Europe and advertising at great expense…it is very hard to make any money.

He is well known in The classic bike world and has met some fantastic people who believe in what he does…but although everyone welcomes his business and tells him how much his skills and knowledge are important and needed in Europe…they are slow to provide him with work.

Rachel Parkin

Hi Jamie

i have had a businesse here in france for seven and a half years and there is lots of problems

here for the expat to run a businesse its not for the faint hearted there are many haert breaking storys

that should be told if you would be intrested in chating to me about it that would be great .

kind regards

kevin graves

Can I just add that if anyone knows of anyone about to start a business, please do let them know about our series.


It looks like I’m a bit late on this one but I spoke to someone today who told me that Ch4 is still looking for people who have recently set up businesses in France.

I’m based in the Paris countryside (12 mins from Paris when there’s no traffic) and I have just set up my own business in September 2016. I sell independant British brand baby and childrens clothing and having won a regional competition I’m currently having a collection of my own designs made up by a local lady too.

We run a few other money making schemes such as renting rooms out in our home to foreign students, I still do a bit of freelance IT work & give the odd English lesson. My husband who is French has 2 jobs too.