Charentais Vodka? Yes, it's true!

With the festive season coming up fast and the drinks cupboard in need of restocking try Grey Goose Vodka and feel better about ruining your liver…because it’s a local product! It has American marketing genius Sidney Frank behind it, so watch out Smirnoff

Well, if you have been following The Apprentice. On BBC1 tonight, there was a shop with a window full of Grey Goose vodka!

I enquired in Auchan on Monday, the guy stocking the shelves in wines and sprirts, including a whole section of Cognac, Pineau and charentais cocktails, had never heard of it and asked me where it was made! Perhaps it’s only sold in fancy outlets…

I may look into this a bit more tomorrow…

Thanks Wendy! Not giving much away is he?

Well, the next time I am over I will need to find out more about this!

Have just received a reply: thanks for your message. We are a family in Charente, living in the region
for more than 50 years. People ask us: Is there a cognac produer or a
corporation behind the blog? The answer is: No, just a family with
agriculture tradition.

If you would like to know more about us, do not hesitate to contact us again.

Best regards, Max

Cognac Expert team

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delivering news and articles about Cognac culture for both enthusiasts and
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Hi Kathryn,

I don’t know who writes it but I’ve left a comment asking if they would reveal their identity, so I’ll let you know if he replies.

Hi Wendy

Do you know who is behind the blog? It’s well put together but I have a natural reservation about anonymous blogs when you don’t know if they have commercial bias? Just interested :slight_smile:

I think it is our duty to try it and support local businesses…hic!