Charge free currency cards

that is our experience too… anything else would be unforgivable…

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That is a very kind thought @Stella, but I doubt they give a flying fig about their own clients having enough cash, they’ve done it because 100,000x 0€= 0€ but 100,000x5= half a million euros they now have for doing absolutely nothing other than changing a line of code on their ATM software, and to a minority of customers so it will likely never draw the attention of the press in France or local customers. Half a million euros is pocket change to CA, but as someone once said, Every little helps!

(these figures are completely made up to illustrate the point, I’ve no idea how many transactions we’re talking about, and so how much money they’ll make from this, it may be ten times that, or half that for all I know)

CA will only make money if folk are liable to the charges…
and there’s no need for Visitors (from wherever) to use CA… they can use other ATM’s.
EDIT: didn’t mean that to sound terse… I’ve been caught by charges in previous years… and learned the lesson. It’s annoying, but sometimes when we need cash, right now, we have to take whatever is at hand…

I have been to two places recently where there is only one ATM, and in both cases it was a CA one since they, around here at least, seem to be the ‘last bank standing’ in many villages and small towns. If you’re on holiday do you really want to be spending your days searching around for places with an ATM? Probably not so you’ll have to cough up there and then. As with cheques I’d have no problem not using cash, in fact as I’ve already said, I use Apple Pay for almost everything now, cash, cheques, and even physical cards are generally a thing of the past for me, but I realise that not everyone is like that and it’s important that people have free access to cash. Charging someone 5€ to withdraw 10€ is a rip off however you look at it, and however warm and fuzzy your feelings are towards CA it’s shameful.

At the very least it should be a percent of the transaction, perhaps with a minimum 1€ fee or something, that way they’re more than covering their costs and if you’re taking out a lot of money it may actually be more than €5, if you’re only taking out a little, maybe to buy some ice creams or a baguette you’re not ending up paying a 5€ fee to get a 1€ loaf!

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Another thought… perhaps the 5€ charge is to encourage Visiting folk to take a reasonable sum, just the one time… rather than lots of little transactions… ??

nah… it’s just blatant profiteering and an attempt to screw over people who are in a rush and don’t notice the warning on the screen - or the screen is obscured by sunlight :angry:

Yes Stella I had the option to cancel the transaction, but it wasn’t an option for me as I would have to drive all the way to Leclerc

as thought to be the case :relieved:

simple economics… did the 5€ fee exceed the cost of the fuel to go the extra distance :thinking:

Just thought it would be easier to pop down to the local village, where I knew there was a CA, but fuel cost also came into it

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Ah… thanks for the reply. Now there’s no need for me to ask at CA next time I’m in there.
I was concerned that the Cancel Option (which should be available) was not offered… which would have been disconcerting to say the least.

I’m sure most of us have been in a pickle with Foreign Exchange at one time or another, over the years… it’s a learning curve.
Thankfully, having a French bank account gives me access to my cheque book… so if I don’t have cash I write a cheque. Is this something which might work for you ??

No, some other banks charge, eg Credit Mutuel…but i tried Credit Maritime this morning
(machine so noisy sounded like it was driven by clockwork) and no charges.

Yes, that’s the conclusion I’ve come to, since Brexit it seems that certain banks are now taking the new found option of charging users of “third country” issued cards.

That’s not a wind-up is it :grin:

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Interesting set of posts from my original one. However we are only talking about getting € from a sterling account or from a simple UK issued currency card.
It is unlikely to be a big issue as most of SF will have French bank accounts with dr cards for normal use.

ah, again John not the case…
We used our Banque Populaire French issued CB card in the CA ATM to get cash out (nearest one on our way in to the town) and that too wanted to charge a fee so nothing there about Brexshit or TCNs :wink:

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I kid you not, it really clunked like a clockwork toy.

did it dispense your requested amount in centimes?

Maybe not but Brexit meant EU domiciled banks no longer had to treat Brits like other EU users.
Come to think of it I think Caisse d’Epargne near us once tried to charge me for using my CA card.

well then, there you go :wink:

Slightly off topic, but also kinda on, I was looking at other french banks since CA hasn’t really given me any value for money for all the cash I’ve paid them and BP were at the top of the list so knowing you bank with them would have been perfect to get your views, but I’ve since read that, like their oil refining namesake, they’re (BPCE Group) the least ethical of all the french banks, with CA not far behind, in terms of who they fund in the polluting and defence sectors. Back to the drawing board I guess but aside from a couple of specific ‘green’ fintechs it seems difficult finding a ‘good’ bank as most of them are flanker brands for the big ones who seemingly have few to no ethics and morals.

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