Charity Musical Evening 26th November at Monlong Salle des Fetes

Hi All,

The doors to our beautiful little church have had it after 200 years and my friend Stuart of Charpente Gascogne volunteered in a weak moment to replace them for free if I can raise enough for the materials. So I am organising a musical evening at our salle de fetes on Saturday 26th November with a wide range of brilliant live music. Entrance is free. Food will be available for purchase from A Wee Taste of Ireland and the bar will be run by the village, so nice and cheap. If you fancy a great night out and to be involved in a project that will last for another two hundred years come along and join in. Email me at if you need directions etc.



Hi Sarah,

My apologies, I should remember that not everyone has open office. The details are as follows:

26th November – Charity Musical Evening

Salles de fetes 65670 Monlong

From 7pm till late


Going South – Harmony Rock Band

Entente Cordial – English and French country and traditional music

Steve – Startling blues guitar and vocals

Fred – Magic harmonica and violin

and much more

Food available to purchase from A Wee Taste of Ireland

Bar run by the Comitee des Fetes (nice and cheap!!)

Charity Raffle organised by Mick and Gaynor David

(Bless their cotton socks and my thanks to them)

Huge parking area

Free entry – (small charge levied to get back out-just like Wales!!)

The reason for this charity evening is to provide funds to replace the doors of the beautiful little church in Monlong whose current doors have about had it after nearly 200 years. Stuart Cooke of Charpente Gascon, volunteered in a weak moment, to make the doors for free if the community can raise the money for the materials. All the musicians are donating their time and talents free so my grateful thanks to them all. David and Stephanie of A Wee taste of Ireland are donating a percentage of their profits from the night to the fund and the darlings of our village under the direction of our Mayor, Michel Castes, are donating the profits from the bar to the fund. Mick and Gaynor David are organising the raffle and donating the profits from that to the fund also. The two lovely ladies who run the fruit and veg stall at both Castelnau Magnoac and Boulogne sur Gesse markets are also donating a basket of fruit for the raffle.

Once the doors are completed a plaque will be attached to the interior stating that the doors were presented by the french and ex-patritot communities of the area. This is an opportunity to not only have a startlingly good night out but to be involved in something that will last for another two hundred years. I hope that as many of you as possible will attend and spread the word through your contacts to as many other people as possible who may not be on my mailing list.

It would be very helpful to have an idea fo how many would like to come so if you can please email me back with number on

Hi Norman

Please can you post details as a word or pdf file - I can't open your .odt (I've actually never come across one before - sorry for being a Luddite)