Charity. Prescription spectacles

Do any members know of a Charity that collects used prescription spectacles. We have a number of pairs that we would like to go to a country in need.

I also know that every optician has a collection box for what you want to do. If you can't see it, just put them in somebody's hand, they'll end up in the box.

I can now confirm that any Lions Club will accept old spectacles. Wherever you live if you see a Lions Club badge you can be certain that someone there is a Lions member and will happily accept your old spectacles.

Lions Club in Lavuar who I mentioned on a previous response have confirmed that the spectacles collection initiative is a world wide venture by Lions International so it's not just Lions France responding here.

Thank you John, I don't recall ever seeing such a box - but perhaps they keep them hidden behind the counter.

Your optician will probably have some sort of box for such donations, they go to West Africa.

Lions club in Lavaur.

Send care of:

Century21,Agence Pastel

9 Allée Jean Jaurès
81500 Lavaur, France

Thank you Brian,

I was not sure whether there were ‘local’ charities - but as long as someone benefits, don’t mind where they are sent. Best wishes,

Thanks Claire. Together with the info from Brian, I should be able to get them to a worthwhile Charity.

Vision Aid Overseas ( It is in the UK, but is probably the best one I know of. Sightsavers International ( probably do, but I have only had anything to do with them in connection with helping prevent blindness. Otherwise, know of no others.

I have seen the Lions club collecting them in Pau so perhaps you could start with them.