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Community chat room - say hi, post a link, tell us how great your trip to the mountains was, pretty much do whatever you like here!

Hello, James!

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Hi @Sheila_Walshe-Blackm ! Nice to see you :slight_smile:

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Thanks James and the same to you! :slight_smile:

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Just back from a trip to London, very enjoyable, nice to be home too.


London is fab.

Looks like you had good weather too.

Yes, it was perfect!

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hi everyone :grinning:

I spent yesterday picking grapes with the kids at the school and then we made a confiture d’automne.


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Hi there, I’m new to this site,great info, lovely to “meet” you all!
My site is

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what a wonderful family picture!


That looks like brilliant fun!

Hi James et al back again don’t know for how long though. James I’m not receiving emails or haven’t signed up to correct things on my profile?

Hi @Shirley_Morgan you’ve been sent a few, two this week, check your spam folder please, dates below :slight_smile: