Chat function

Testing chat plugin also, anyone what to have a go?

Screenshot 2021-04-13 at 12.58.17

go for it @james

I have, can you not see it??

ah… the bull horn :doh:

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I presume you are the only two who can see this?

It should be live for all

Oh dear… really? :see_no_evil:

Perhaps it only works on some devices? Or perhaps what marbles I had have now gone…

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Can you see a bullhorn icon on your screen?

On both laptop and tablet versions, the icon is showing on lower right hand side of the screen.


Nope not at all… I’ll try a different machine

AHA! I did an F5 and it appeared…

I sent you a person to person message Angela as a test.

I guess the blue circle, white dot indicates something but can’t work out what…

How do I find that, Graham?

Added.: Found it by looking for you…

Can one exclude oneself from the chat function?

It doesn’t seem to intrude apart from the icon, Sue

I see that it now indicates 1 which could be a message from @AngelaR but can’t find how to access it, clicking on the bullhorn just lists all but not the cause for the flag…
Did you reply to me @AngelaR

I can see this could be very useful for following up discussions not interesting to many others - but can chats be multi-user?

Yes Geof if you choose a topic rather than a Direct Message (I think)
Certainkly the chat I was having with James was then added to by another user…

At the moment they aren’t even single user since you can’t find who’s talking to you! It seems to be multiuser if the chat is under a category, rather than a single user, but then it’s completely open just like the normal threads are…

Until one receives a chat message from someone one doesn’t want to chat with?