Chat function

Can’t get messages from people I might want to chat with at the moment - or at least they are there but invisible…

@james @AngelaR
Yes, the user list is a bit higgledy piggledy as it stands and its difficult to see if someone has sent a direct chat to you. Unless I’m missing something…
I don’t even see @AngelaR in the list… there are some members listed who I’ve never heard of. as well and poor old James is at the bottom of the pile!
and I still have the 1 message indicator and can’t find how to clear it…

Not sure if I like the idea of a chat function - there’s already the private message email system in place, and (mostly) we don’t really know who we/you are chatting to.
Think it might detract from the functionality and usefulness of something (SF) that already works well.
Just saying…


maybe just needs more tweaking by @james Mark. I think he’s just tresting it at the mo

As you say, Mark, the Direct Message system already works quite well.

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Without researching further I think I have the answer… @james might confirm… does it indicate the number of chat sessions in which there is activity (or that you have participated in)?

I sent you a test message Graham - but you can’t access it?

aha! I think the system has caught up… at the bottom of the list is the private message to Angel and yours Geof… so yes, it does work. Be tidier though if the list was order the other way round…

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and so, having cleared those messages the bullhorn icon changes back to:-

I have a whole load of messages under the Forum category but no personal messages at all and no means of sending any as the users list in the chat session has disappeared. Not complaining, mind, because I’m pretty sure I won’t be using it, but am just saying…

How about a comfy seat :wink: poll @james ?

There is already the lounge facility along with private messaging.
The danger of private chats going on here and there in private huddles can create a back stabbing scenario where comments might be formulated before appearing on the open forum.
Surely the success of SF is its dinner party ethos of open and often off the cuff conversation.

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James must be working on it because the user list has disappeared for me too.

I’ve removed the direct message function as it duplicates something we already have.


Once again I am late to the party, cannot reply now, but still have the bullhorn :thinking:

Until one receives a chat message from someone one doesn’t want to chat with?

I think Sue has a point, it might be difficult to avoid giving the impression of a snub if the contact is unwelcome.

I have seen ‘chat’ on other forums but never used it, not against in principle, but not sure about the advantage or otherwise of it.

@Lily The direct messaging members part is not now active but the chat in a category is, hence the bullhorn. The only topic on which it is active atm is Forum Support.

Thank you,
I think I have it :woman_shrugging:

Some user preferences are available for the chat feature (Babble)


Thanks James for the disabled chat completely option. :grin: