Chat Guidelines

The chat feature is a great way to interact with other SFN members and make new friends. To help everyone get the most out of it, we have drawn up some basic guidelines. If you use the chat feature, please adhere to the guidelines. Or else!!!

Please think of the chat window as akin to taking part in a real conversation. So don’t be rude, personally critical, swear or interrupt. If you get into an in-depth chat with another person, open a private chat window, so that you don’t monopolise the chat facility. To do this, simply hover your mouse over their photo on the right hand side of the chat window and click “Private chat.” In fact, don’t monopolise the chat feature, full stop - let other people respond! New members may be a bit shy about joining in, so why not invite them? And talking of new members, the chat window is one of the first things new people see when they sign up, so try and make sure they get a good first impression of SFN!

thank you for all kind of info and instructions how to act!