Chateau antique road trip..france


I am searching on behalf of an Antique Expert on British TV who is planning a ‘Chateau Antique Road Trip’ here in France. I will hope that you wonderful Chateau Owners would like to take part in this project or if you know of a Chateau that would be suitable for this project, please get intouch with me. I request 5 Chateaux for this 5/6 part series.
The Chateaux must have beautiful gardens, with some historiy. attached to them, scattered around France and they must be in and around an area where ex-pats and locals are based. Please PM me if you are interested, and I can let you have the Antique Experts contact details. Please fell free to share this post

Dick Strawbridge? (he’s almost and antique himself…)

This gives a pretty comprehensive list of the people who are keen to open their doors to film crews.

Well a very lively sort of antique who gets up to all sorts of adventures.
Flying the flag for those older boys who like to keep busy.