Chateau la roque explosion of artistic activities

2 years ago ch La Roque's owners staged an event in their vast cluster

of buildings, rooms and garden areas.The garden awaits in casuallty

untill such time that funds can make beautiful and the buildings very

much the same.The vineyards look on in every they do in my region.

It is a great night out for a group of friends or family.

So this year there was a comedy/musical act performed by a couple...both very tall, very slim and dressed like modern day

clowns. The male performer went on later to perform in the pool

playing all kinds of custom made instruments including a watering can and he used the movement of the water ...useing the water as a set of drums and his hands. Ah yes different.

No I have not been drinking local cranberry juice.

More extradinary...perhaps was the poll dancer...well he was

a really special circus act and performed as the 2 clowns created some sounds to match his brave movements.

I need to add that was very athletic and skilled.

At the same time traditional clowns mingled with the crowd dancing

and enjoying the evening.

Then there was some dancers in 2 sepearate buildings...

Tango followed on and bands then played ...probably into the late late hours.