Chats du Quercy Lonely Hearts Club

Sometimes, we have cats that get overlooked. They remain at the Rescue Centre week after week, patiently waiting for their chance with a new family and a new life. To qualify for the Lonely Hearts Club, the cat must be at the Rescue Centre for 2 months or longer. Lonely Hearts come in many different forms. Sometimes they are shy cats in the Rescue Centre, but who will be carefree and friendly in their own home. Or they might be adult cats, when everybody's searching for kittens. And sometimes they have unique personality quirks that require a special family that is understanding and accepting of them just as they are. If you are the kind of person who, above all, wants to help those in need—take a look at our Lonely Hearts Club members. They may not be the cat that everyone else is looking for; but perhaps they will be the love of YOUR life. These cats may be available for a reduced adoption fee to the right home.

Call us on 05 63 94 73 97 for more info on the cats available and check out the adoption pages of our website

Until this morning we had only one member in the Lonely Hearts club, after deliberation, we'd added a few more, here they are, please help them if you can. ALL are FIV/FeLV negative, neutered, vaccinated and chipped(numbers below)

Toku is our diabetic cat, lovely sociable, easy going temperament and very easy to give his injections to. Toku’s vet fees, treatment and special food will be financially provided to the right adoptant, for as long as necessary.
Toku né 01.01.2010 male Marron siamois numéro d’identification 2502698730197343

Scoot is an adorable chap. Sadly raised in filthy conditions in a chicken coup with many other cats. Scoot is nervous but not nasty, in the short time he has been with us, he has learnt to enjoy being stroked, but is still worried if people approach him too fast or attempt to appraoch his head first.
Scoot né 01.01.2010 mâle noir et blanc numéro d’identification 2502698730197353

Bombur has simply been with us for a couple of months, he is cuddly, very gentle natured, adores other cat company and is generally a gorgeous tabby boy, good friends with Filli! He has striking markings and no one really knows why he is still here!
Bombur né en mars 2010 male tigré numéro d’identification 250268710299466

Since we started our Lonely Hearts Club, we've had 9 of these adorable cats adopted!

Please check out our website for details of new club members - and thank you for spreading the word!

One of our new members is Norman, an adorable 14/15 year old siamese cross boy who was abandonned by the family after the death of this owner, Norman had obviously served his purpose and was of no use any longer!! he doesn't ask for much and has put on weight after his arrival very skinny. Basically in good health, no health issues that we are aware of, he'd just like a warm sunny spot and a cuddly now and again (I know the feeling!!)

Norman né en 1997 male super joli croisé birman/siamois snowshoe à poil long! Numéro d'identification 250268710322500