Cheap international calls

Does anybody have experience with cheap callthrough providers like mytello?
Do sfr maybe block them?
I know you can call with Whatsapp or Skype, but my wife complains about the sound quality and dropouts.
We’re looking for a firm that you can use on the landline. You ring a number, then when their computer answers you dial your international number and it’s really cheap.
We have the Orange package which is very expensive and want to change to sfr which only offers unlimited French calls.

Our orange package is 29.99 for unlimited international calls to Zone 1 (includes England), internet and a mobile. If there’s anything cheaper we”d like to know too!

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Ditto my package with

iD Mobile includes roaming as part of the SIM card package you buy. So, for £5 p.m. I can call anywhere in europe as part of my 250 mins package.

All their SIM-only deals now offer unlimited calls, inc roaming, the difference being more data = more cost. EG £6 pm = 1Gb, 2Gb £7 pm etc. Rolling 30 day contracts.

They do have a ‘fair usage’ roaming policy, whereby if you clock up continuous roaming [ex UK] usage, they charge more. So I use iD to call internationally if a Wazzapp call is of unacceptable quality. In 5-6 years, 75% in Spain, I have never been charged a supplement. Then again, I’m a light user of voice calls.

I guess an iD contract has to be set up with a UK address but that’s easily done.

I’m paying 41,99 without mobile. What package is that? is it fibre? Does it go up after 12 months?

I have the Zen package with a Orange which includes unlimited overseas calls to where call to.

Our ASDL package does not include international calls, but Localphone provides a service at minimal cost. A nice feature is that they give you personalized number for contacts you call frequently.

But is that just phone? Or internet too?

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Basic orange package, and has been the same for last two years. I think the Zen package is about same price.

We have a Sim Card only deal from Red by SFR for €12 per month which gives unlimited calls throughout Europe. Pay an additional €5 per month and it includes the USA as well, including calling back to Europe from there.
Now that we have a 4G mast in our village the call quality is very good.

If you are referring to me, you’ll see that I do. For some reason the reply by J.Jones didn’t use it.

Yes. ‘Data’ [X Gb allowance] is the internet, essentially.

And my reply to J.Jones has used it.

I’m not referring to you. My reply was meant for James Jakob.

OK , sorry. I’m just careful with my data.

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How did you know?

After over a decade running this site, I have a sixth sense!

And google provides the answers :slight_smile:


We are with Vonage which seems to work well UK phone number, French phone number, all calls in UK (excl mobiles) and France (includes mobiles) & a few other countries for about £20 per month. You can keep your uk number.


Reliable - quality is fine. It can be a pain with the endless dialling - however you can pre authorise different numbers (so 4 mobiles plus a landline in our case - multiple national SIM cards - one account with Toolani so only1 top up) - for numbers you use a lot you “create” a number that you just use like a normal phone number from a phone already authorised on your account.

Costs are good - its basically a Pay as you go - so some months you’ll spend others you won’t