Cheap labour

A number of weeks back I was discussing my great disspointment with the world of banking and for some reason I brought in the subject of sweat shop labour re garments bareing a British lable.

It was sugggested that, perhaps this was all about clothes which were soild cheaply.

However, apparently not as a gentleman journalist went roaming around rails of ladies

clothing searching through scores of lables which included;JasperConran, Calvien Kline and Nicole F and known, apparently where home grown.

It seems as if the Knicker Factory in Coronation street is one of the only genuine articles left in the

British manufaturing circle even if is a story of dark and dismal relationships.

There is, I believe a vacancy in the Royal household as Butler.

Requirements: To be trained in all aspects of Royal etiquet, well polished shoes and immaculate

clothing at all times and previous experience carrying trays which will balance glasses. The reward

will be 15.000 pounds and is live in....per the way not the week.

Who makes our French clothes?

Do our banks in France have call centres in India?

The only solution would be a very unorthodox one: just make everything 20% cheaper. And by everything I mean everything: prices, costs of labour, taxes etc. in one co-ordinated effort on one day. Made in France would be an attractive proposition, foreign imports would become much pricier, investments in France would get a quicker ROI etc.

Clothes made in the Mahgreb and call centres there too, market forces are the same here too, even Renault have just built a new factory in the Mahgreb much to the annoyance of French car workers who are facing unemployment...!