Cheaper Mobile and Internet access in France

Surviving on a minimal income is never easy and if you are receiving the RSA, le revenu de solidarite active, this can be as low as 466€ for a single person. Making ends meet is going to be tough and any ‘extras’ go out of the window. But these days, telephone and internet access is a must rather than a luxury, especially if you are actively looking for work. It is about time that a social tariff for phone and internet access was created, so it is great news that this is finally being put in place. The government has signed an agreement with all the main operators and within six months, this tariff will be widely available. For 10€ per month TTC, subscribers will get 40 minutes of talk time and 40 SMS. There will be no minimum contract time and no connection / de-connection charges.

Apparently, this offer is already available in SFR shops, although it is not being advertised online. You will need to go in person, with the usual paperwork, proof of address, ID etc., and proof of your entitlement to the RSA.

At Orange, there are also plans afoot to provide a complete internet package for a similarly low price. This will include telephone, TV and internet for just 20€ a month. This offer has not yet gone live so watch this space!

I use the Leclerc cell phone service which costs 1.5 euros or 3.5 euros a month. Any money you post to your account is good for one year if not used. You really can’t beat that deal.

I think it all depends on who you are and what you need. I’m with orange, and on a regular plan with them my phone was only 9 euros, and my plan is 29 a month, and I get some pretty good deals. And there’s also prepaid phones that are cheap and you can put money on them as needed. But that said for super needy people it is a good option

Consumer watchdog Que Choisir say this new tariff isn’t that ‘revolutionary’ and that better deals already exist whether you are on RSA or not: Tarif social mobile