Cheapest parcel service post-brexit?

Hello folks. Hope you’re all keeping well.

I’ve been selling these upcycled mosaic house numbers and names for a while here in France and have started an Etsy shop this month.

Trouble is I’m struggling to find reasonable parcel rates to the UK. Silly money. €25 for 500g -1kg

Even la poste Colissimo Starts around €18 (two different la poste websites give different fees and the app is different again)

Before brexit, parcel monkey and Mondial relay were doing it for €10 per kilo with collection from a local shop.

These prices are unattainable. It’s putting clients off.

Also I have four Xmas parcels sitting here still waiting to be sent because I can’t afford the €80 instead of €40 (the items aren’t worth that much even)

I don’t even understand if there’s going to be an import fee or not. And I’m so tired of googling.
I hate Brexit so much.

Is there any hope?

The cheapest I found for a 900g Paquet to northern Ireland was from La Poste @ €18.95

I had to fill in a form by hand in the bureau as the online declaration didn’t work.

I have no idea yet, if there was an extra import duty on the item at the other end.

Since January prices have jumped up massively.

I used these guys to compare prices Link

Just be aware that the final price may vary from what is originally quoted.

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If you’re selling via Etsy they sort the VAT etc - via your own website then you have all the joys of customs/VAT to sort

Parcel cost - or any comparison site really only offer quick means of comparising fees … but yep prices are what they are unfortunately

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Yup, prices have skyrocketed to UK. Now paying the same as sending to the US or Australia!

This is the website with the tariff codes…

Under approx £135/€150 you shouldn’t be charged import duty.

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It’s all a bit of a mess. A friend of my wife told her this week that she’d posted a present, a garment which weighed very little, from Leeds to her niece in Cork. Cost of postage £20. When the parcel arrived her niece had to pay €15 VAT (or whatever) to retrieve it at the Post Office. Then, when she tried it on it was too small so she had to post it back for €25 so that my wife’s pal could exchange it. We’ve less hassle posting stuff to Australia :roll_eyes:

That’s outrageous.

So far, for me and my one no.11 tile to northern Ireland, its €19 with la poste (last year I sent one for €6.50) but I have yet to navigate the customs declaration, which when I visit it, says in French “this form is not for Colissimo” in red letters.

I’m stumped. It’s the website page in the leaflet the conseilleuse just gave me from la poste.

I’ll just fill it in anyway and see what happens.

The whole thing makes me want to cry.

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I mentioned on another thread that there are at least 5 different places on the laposte website with the form, and none of them appear to be links to the same place but separate versions of the form, some which create the barcode, some which create the label at the end for you to print, and as you say at least one that can’t be used with Colissimo oddly. This is the version I use which just creates the barcode for the post office. I’m not sure if it’s suitable for all uses, but it’s worked well for me.