Check what you take for granted (particularly when you're not an authority!)

I found the following story incredible, but at the same time recognised it’s actually an all too common contemporary trope. Would welcome other examples…

We have Louis Vuitton, a top fashion design studio (or if you prefer, a very expensive, but not very creative one) who have the very barest bones of something resembling a creative idea. “Oh yeah, Bob Marley - very popular Jamaican and Rasta - very red yellow and green! Why don’t we make an ironic(?) 995 € pull in the Rasta colours and call it the ‘Jamaican’?” (!)

To make things even more pathetic, Louis Vuitton’s presumably highly paid and highly creative ‘Creative Director’, Virgil Abloh ‘is the son of Ghanaian parents’!

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It’s GBP995 - even sillier. That’s 1132,71€ at the current rate.

It’s a funny old world. There’s a world where money is more or less meaningless. That jumper belongs to that world.

A friend of mine used to be the head of the leather goods and gifts dept of Asprey of Bond St. Once in a while I used to go with her husband to fetch her from work.

Having survived the withering look of contempt from the doorman, in his gold buttoned greatcoat and top hat, the centre piece of the lobby was, for years, a life-size peacock in silver wire and suitable coloured jewels and lapis lazuli for the colours of its tail. Apart from the monstous bling-factor I was amazed to see that it actually had a price tag: £55,000.

How would one display such a thing, when one got it home? Why, of course, the object in which it was standing, in Asprey’s lobby. This was a gigantic amethyst quartz crystal ‘egg’, about 130 cms long, sliced down the middle to make 1/2 egg. The price tag on this was £28,000.

These were 1990’s prices.

Occasionally the staff had to stay behind when there was a lock-in, while people from the middle east would cruise round the shop, buying things in multiples. The silver peacock and amethyst egg were very popular - sold by the dozen.

This is a wallet from Asprey, in crocodile leather. From GBP2948.95 at today’s FX GPB/US$

It kinda makes a mockery of the mere ten and twenty pound notes that will go in it.

The incredible thing is that my friend’s days were extremely busy selling this stuff and ordering more.

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More silliness!