Cheddar substitute?

Does anybody know which French cheese is the best substitute for Cheddar in Brit recipes?

I'm thinking vieux Cantal or Comté but would welcome suggestions/advice.


I think he did well to manage eight!

You ain't wrong, Catharine. As to what it's called -- Cantal vieux, demi-vieux or just "affiné". You're looking for a cheese that's been matured (affiné) for several months. You're unlikely to find it in a supermarket, mind you, unless it's got a good cheese counter where you can get "fromage à la coupe", not pre-packaged. But best to try to find a specialist fromagerie/cremerie where they will be happy to advise you and let you taste. My wife (French) uses the packaged grated emmenthal for gratins because it's convenient, not because it has much taste. She throws in some grated parmesan to give it a lift. You could also try Comté Vieille Réserve which has been matured for 12 months (found it pre-packaged in a Carrefour) or somethinbg like Leerdammer Caractère which is again the mature version. Not sure how it would cook but it's really tasty uncooked!

@Nick you're right about the Salers. Laguiole is very good too and similar to Salers and Cantal.

And for Roquefort lovers -- if you're ever anywhere near Ste Affrique, book a table at the Hotel Moderne. Ca paie pas de mine but it has a cheeseboard made up of a dozen different Roqueforts and the owner can tell you all there is to know about every one of them. And you can try them all if you can manage it. My son gave up after the first eight.

Emmenthal is blander.

Mature cantal is not bad at all !

Leclers in Carcassonne had a cheddar in a few weeks ago an airport run coupled with a shopping trip whether they have it as a regular thing or we were just lucky,never seen it in our Auchan we dont find Cantal does very well in a cheese dish, not strong enough, perhaps we need to re educate our taste buds what is the mature Cantal called we havent seen anything other than entre-deux

Thought I had that in the fridge but, no, it's Emmenthal. Pretty similar though, aren't they?

Thanks Terry. Cantal entre-deux [seen it in LeClerc] it shall be.

I'm happy not to use Cheddar... didn't buy/eat it in England so definitely won't be doing so here! I'd love a chunk of Wensleydale or Caerphilly though...

if you live near a Monoprix or Auchan they all sell cheddar .

Yup good point Terry.

I've also used Gruyere in cauliflower cheese and it was really nice - just not cheddary!

If you're using Cantal I'd go for an "entre-deux" rather than a mature which can be very strong with a crust an inch thick. I had a friend who loved the crust and left me the middle. Bit like Jack Sprat! But you can get Cheddar if you'd prefer. I buy mine at Auchan in Clermont Ferrand (Aubieres). Or you could go here .

Thanks James.

It's for a 'roasted cauliflower cheese' recipe, given to me by a Brit. I'll probably tart it up with a few lardons.

Just looked at the Cantal in the fridge and it's jeune... but it will probably be vieux by the time I get around to trying out the recipe!

Yes I would say cantal too