Chefs on TV

As Hugh Fearnley WHittingstall commences his "Fish Fight" this week on UK television, I wonder what the general feeling is out there about celebrity cooking??

I've attached a good piece from the Guardian about the subject, and also a piece I wrote about the late Keith Floyd, the original celebrity chef.

Is it all about the money, or all about the cooking????

If a celebrity chef comes up with good food in an entertaining way…I dont have a problem…it is after all their business, so why expect them not to earn. I think we are lucky in the UK to have such great programmes for people who enjoy eating/preparing food…a far cry from the days when it was Fanny Craddock and not much else around!

I agree, it is a bit of both.

I think Jamie O is right out there on the money making front, making a fast back at anyone's expense, and yet is a gifted chef.

There are also a huge number of (unpaid) writers for food on the Internet, providing us daily with inspiration, out of the goodness of their hearts.

I too like Saturday Kitchen, and I suppose all food shows - like you said, they do supply some great ideas for what to cook for supper etc.

I am also a fan of Hugh FW, and am looking forward to his show this week.

Hi Helen

I think it's a bit of both, but I must admit I do enjoy Saturday kitchen and it often inspires me for the evening meal as I do most of the cooking at weekends.

I got one of my favourite recipes from James Martin, and we still keep it as one of our favourites, in a nutshell it's Pork Belly with a pumpkin risotto. It really got me into making risottos too.

I did so enjoy Keith Floyd, especially out on location.