Chemical attacks

shocking that this goes on.

Alleged chemical attacks, Harry. Most objective and honourable reporting agencies still call them that. I marvel that people have such short memories when the whipping–up of a case for going to war goes on. Have we forgotten the cast-iron faked evidence of WDMs in Iraq?

Trump wants a war… All US présidents and British PMs want a Big Boy notch in their belts. Obama was an honorable exception.


OMG - time to up the dosage methinks!

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Beyond horrendous Harry - ‘humanity’ at its very worst. While we were sleeping:cry::cry::cry:

latest update…

yes they just poisoned themselves and Russia wants it not investigated by the council… nor does it want blame given to anyone…

No matter who did it, the end of the day someone did it, whoever that was needs a good ass whooping .


Here we go…

Donald J. Trump
Russia vows to shoot down any and all missiles fired at Syria. Get ready Russia, because they will be coming, nice and new and “smart!” You shouldn’t be partners with a Gas Killing Animal who kills his people and enjoys it!
12:57 PM - Apr 11, 2018

Eva Bartlett…

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So that’s what Eva’s saying Helen - are we to take it you agree with her ‘stance’?

its like any media he said she said. no one will ever truly know what really went down. all the anti’s saying it happened all the other media sources who are saying its fake.

I have no doubt that chemical weapons have been used in Syria, equally I have no doubt that it would foolish to start launching missiles in response.


Assuming that you agree that chemical weapons weren’t used, what makes you so sure that the alternative sources you quote are more credible than mainstream media?

For me Chris, the Americans have too much form in such matters for me to accept anything they say without great scepticism as has HM Government got form of doing Uncle Sam’s bidding in a craven and duplicitous way. Assad has absolutely nothing to gain by gassing civilians hostage to a jihad mob on the point of surrender; Trump and May have umpteen reasons for wanting a war, all of them derived from their precarious political positions at home.

Both leaders have huge investments in the manufacture, sale and continued supply of arms and matérielle to unstable countries. And in generating instability worldwide.

History repeating itself like Groundhog Day.

And of course it makes great 24 hour TV.

but we ourselves are just speculating and no one knows for sure whats transpiring.

they want the rogues out and the civilians are in the way. when did civilians being in the way ever stop anyone.

You’re a nurse, Harry. Does that footage of people hosing down terrified kids with masses of fire hoses and obviously untrained and ham-fisted men squirting asthma inhalers in hildrens faces strike you as farcical. You and I have worked in critical situations and major emergencies and people don’t act like that, even under fire. Where were the women ‘victims’? Bundled out of sight and told to keep their faces covered and their mouths shut?

It stinks of a staged job, intended to give Trump an excuse to start another war.

It makes me despair. Now they intend to stage strikes on chemical weapon sites, and conveniently destroy all evidence of the factories that are claimed to make them… it is grotesque, and based on their knowing that we will swallow their lies, and never challenge them. They used to tell us Assad was a friend of the West and a fine example of democratic Arab leadership. Is it possible people have forgotten that?


alas I was a mental health nurse and while I did a stint in a and e which ws horrifying at a trainee I never was face with anything like this fortunately.

Yes the video strikes as odd but this is people who really have no clue as to what to actually do.

Ive been reading loads and the evidence is split yes choline attacks best to wash off the skin as much as possible and inhalers does help free up breathing.

I spent many days looking through stuff before I decided to post it. I personally think that something happened i’m just not sure who did it. there is definitely some kind of agent involved though in my own opinion. Others are free to decide for themselves as we have seen people have done.

who did it i do not know but something has happened.

Trump’s latest tweet is less controversial. I really don’t see what he thinks he might gain from starting a war.

You are right Chris, he is really quite a shrewd and sure footed operator, but I think he is out to save his own ass and doesn’t give a monkey’s about the USA. What matters to him is his ego, his reputation and his money. He would burn the Middle East to a crisp without a tinge of conscience, and probably fry Melanie and his offspring in the same bonfire too if it improved his ratings. BEAUTIFUL!

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hes accusing the people who arrested his old personal attorney of attacking america!!!

And here’s the response to his accusations. What a stylish way to put-down Trump :relaxed:

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