Chemical attacks

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Just watched BBC breakfast news and an ex British ambassador to Syria was very convincing in alerting people to his opinion that the footage of children being washed down after an alleged chemical attack was a stage set by Isis and that the Americans should wait for more evidence.

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problem is its a personal opinion. One voice drowned out by the hundreds.

Agree though we need t see evidence and not the fabricated kind like past evidence to justify action

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the problem with those votes its who can be bothered to vote.

but most people believe there was an attack.

personally im part of the 78% who do not want an attack on them in retaliation I do not think it will help at all and may destroy crucial evidence.

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America and Russia going towards Nuclear war?
News report.

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I agree with any and all who are wise enough to question the official narrative and any and all who are making their voices heard in an attempt to prevent further bloodshed maiming and loss of life…not to mention the further destruction of a sovereign country’s infrastructure…It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if the videos being used as “proof” turn out to be fake…it wouldn’t be the first time that the white helmets have done this in Syria (more like the third or even fourth time…) IF it turned out that chemical weapons sarin gas/chlorine etc were used then I would probably suspect the U.K./US funded militant rebels before Assad… Here’s Patrick Henningsen…

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Oh Helen, the piece is by a guy who often works for a Russian news channel, bit biased don’t you think?

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Vanessa Beeley is in on the ground in Damascus…

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Patrick Henningsen has his own website 21st Century Wire…it’s currently under denial of service attack so he posted that article on RT instead…x :slight_smile:

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I have noticed that Google seems unusually tardy in updating any news that seems to weaken or contradict the UK narrative on this unfolding catastrophe. The results of the poll on Britons’ scepticism about the proposed military adventure were posted very late in the day. I’m well aware that UK media outlets routinely suppress news that doesn’t suit the Foreign Office line. It is not a new phenomenon by any means.

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Seriously?..Seriously? very glad I don’t live in your world Peter… :scream::scream::scream:

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I linked to that poll at lunchtime Peter…

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Other opinions are available…that question the credibility of Vanessa Beeley and Patrick Henningsen⚖️

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Yes…I can think of one detractor…

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I spend quite a lot of time in hospital waiting areas - I was in one this morning and started thinking - often lethal!! :slight_smile:

I pretty much take it for granted that during the kind of times we’re experiencing right now - there will undoubtedly be propaganda churned out on all sides of the ‘argument’ (for want of a better word!). I accept that.

What I find really difficult to accept is where you have those, seemingly, firmly entrenched (i.e. location / lifestyle / culture etc), on one ‘side’ of the argument - fully supporting the propaganda dished out by the ‘opposition’ - mostly in this case by Russia and Syria. Whereas, in my view, they should be supporting the ‘home’ team.

I just don’t get it :confused: :confused: :confused:

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“… should be supporting the home team…”

Yes, Simon, there’s the rub. That is very much an absolutist ideological position as you say mine is, and Helen’s, but less well evidenced and argued. “My country right or wrong” and you just have to get in line e.g. FIFO :dizzy_face:. And you think Russia is oppressive? England has its own particularly potent and mendacious kind of oppression, perfidious, untrustworthy and intertwined with the class system. Well recognised around the globe. And exported too.

I like and respect you personally (albeit based only on virtual contact) but there are differences our outlook on life and our life experience that are unlikely to be reconciled in cyberspace, it would be a lot easier over a petit coup, perhaps.

Just a small point: I don’t consider myself to be one of those who just take from society, having helped develop and improve the NHS over 50+ years, having paid my taxes and other levies all that time, and have drawn on its resources only vestigially over that time, and made no claims on the welfare state, unless you count my OAP. I begrudge not one penny of my contribution to the NHS going to those in need who could not afford to pay for its support. Of whom, be assured, there are very many whose needs are inconceivable to those fortunates like us, perhaps. I dislike your characterisation of those others, and people like my wife (a nurse for 55 years) and myself, as people who take and expect someone else to pay, because we are socialists and internationalist.

I write without rancour or anger.

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You’re no different to anyone else who’s worked and paid into the system - i.e. working class (aka someone who works) - just like me. I have absolutely no problem paying my fair share and am more than happy to help those who, through no fault of their own, need that help. What I dislike is the use of my contributions to pay for huge losses sustained by not-for-profit state operated ‘services’. Veritable LaLa lands with no accountability - just bottomless pits that exist to provide tax payer funded, ‘untouchable’ employment.

I’ve asked you so many times Peter - Who Pays? - you’re just not able to answer, like so many ‘socialist internationalist’ (!) brothers and sisters.

Just one more thing…

You do make me giggle sometimes Peter but, just to be clear, that’s never going to happen - you see, in all honesty, I dislike your characterisations as well but, on top of that - I simply don’t respect you (virtually of course) :wink:

I write without rancour or anger

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A refreshingly Frank reply, Simon, as ever. Gives me something to ponder, as ever. I am in your debt.

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Mystery solved and no need to send in any inspectors, the Russians have irrefutable evidence that the attack was staged by anti-Russian states.