Chemical attacks

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Lol…a few years back I had a discussion with the son of an owner of a corner shop in my home town…we all got on really well and talked about lots of things over the counter including what was happening to our home town…he did feel that his “main man” had been proved right about flat earth…I was less enthusiastic but we shared many links to different websites and books to read and friendship was more important…his autistic brother who was also sometimes working behind the counter and who I often saw whilst out walking with my Collies would avoid me like the plague…(I never got to talk about my views on vaccination and autism) x :slight_smile:

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actually the name is my wife and kids idea. I wanted

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Wagtastic has a touch of business genius about it. Just pushes all the right customer buttons, I would think. But the proof of the pudding etc and if you offer the level of service too, mon chapeau à vous.

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A win, win situation then😉

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Opposing views have to make sense Peter, hence my question and yes I would ask anyone not just friends.

It’s interesting that Russia’s irrefutable proof of the UK’s involvement in the staging of the chemical attack hasn’t been made public.

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OK Tim you quite right to challenge what we say, it was the drivel bit I thought was OTT, that’s all. There may significant weaknesses in the cases made by both sides, but the Russians have not backed up their suspicions with missile strikes before a properly conducted examination of the facts on the ground yields credible results, which are only now getting under way.

All the evidence so far is anecdotal and flimsy, and what I have seen is crude and unconvincing in many of its aspects. I think many others agree, especially as the US has form on concocting pantomime evidence like the “phial of anthrax” stunt waved about at the UN before Iraq, and Tony Blair’ dodgy dossier.

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the name rebrand was just to make is new as we moved from kennels to in home, my reputation in what I do was already solid long before the rename.

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Never doubted that Harry.

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It probably was…although we both had friends whose babies were suffering convulsions after vaccination…this was before “vaxxed”…and several years before I heard of “flat earth”…The son with the autistic brother was a gifted artist and the last book he told me he was reading before we left the area was “mindfulness”…a book left to him by their grandad who had just passed away…

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Flat Earth?

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Comme une crêpe :stuck_out_tongue:

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How odd -

Surely the Ruskies would want to show the world it was a ‘put-up’ job?

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Perhaps it’s a dangerous place to go with builings teetering on the edge of collapse? Last thing they want is weapons inspectors being killed by falling masonry… think what the White Helmets would make of it :thinking:

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no they just do not want people contradicting their story that they put out there with their “witnesses” who strangely enough are not available for anyone else to interview…

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It raises doubts in my mind too, it would be dishonest to not to admit so. The whole situation is getting more and more tangled it is hard to see where truth lies, although somewhere I read that truth is the first casualty of war.

How does it come about that political leaders have the licence to order the machinery of war into action, when ordinary people do not ask for wars, nor do they foment them. Every prime minister seems to see it as a must-have achievement on their political CV, on any pretext, and with only crocodile tears about the ensuing death and destruction. How come?

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I wish the UK had just kept out of it and am disappointed that Macron joined in willingly but as you say Peter what say do we have in anything.

(Helen Wright) #97

They are in there now…seems like there were security concerns around land mines and the suchlike…I read something about the investors in the alleged “chemical weapons lab” that got bombed by US/UK/FR…investors such as Ted Turner Warren Buffet and other high profilers…I’ve not confirmed the source as accurate yet so won’t link…but interesting…

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I think most of us here agree that the missle launches by the US etc should not have taken place but I have no doubt that a chemical attack occured just like countless others and negotiating with Assad or Putin is futile.

(Chris Kite) #99

The story you are referring to is about a bombed chemical weapons lab that some people claim has the above members on its Board of Directors.

I’ll leave it at that.

(Helen Wright) #100

That’s the one…haven’t had chance to look into it…all I know about Ted Turner is CNN and sticking up for the Palestinians…It’s all very tangled for sure…