Chi Gong - English classes in the Orne

The Association Campanule propose a new Qi Gong class in English, each Tuesday, at 10am for 1 hour.

(Except the first Tuesday of each month)

To start on the 15th of March through to July, in Le Hamel, Bréel.
(Suisse-Normande, Orne)

Price: 78€ for 13 classes, or 8€ if you want to pay each class individually.
+ 15€ of subscription to Campanule.

The teacher is Paula Dandoy (French, but wants to improve her English!).
More information : 06 71 04 59 38.


I Have posted this on behalf of Paula Dandoy, I've attended her classes conducted in French, she is most helpful (I am still very basic in my French) she helps where possible to explain in English.

I attended the classes to help improve my French & get me out the house! - which has helped - I attend with my partner who is bilingual. The Dojo (Studio) she runs the classes in, is in her home is a nice size out building, in the beautiful hamel near Bréel.

She thought this would a great way for her to strengthen her English - she is really quite good conversationally; and for English people to meet up.

We've only lived in France since August - although apparently there are many English in the region we haven't met many!