Chicken Pox on the rampage again

For goodness sake… it’s surely about time we got this sort of thing back under control.

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So unnecessary too, very sad.
When I was in ‘Rotary’, our main fundraising was directed at eradicating Polio, nearly achieved it, I think the campaign was derailed, mainly by the disruption caused by all the conflicts in the areas suffering the worst :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Very sad indeed


Varicelle is chickenpox
(Rougeole is measles
Rubéole is German measles
Oreillons is mumps
Scarlatine is scarlet fever
Coqueluche is whooping cough)

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Cheers Vero… I got carried away… :slight_smile:

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I had chicken pox as an adult, very unpleasant.

Yes, a lady I knew had it around 40 and she had real horror stories to tell about it… ghastly…