Chickens - Red Mite

Hello again, I wonder if you can help me (again). Thanks to all who sent advice on "Gaping" with my hen. I followed your advice and she is well again.

I belong to a wondereful Forum in UK named "Down the Lane" and have received wonderful advice from the members there. However, they all seem to live in the UK. A major concern of theirs seems to be the dreaded "RED MITE". These mites, apparently, live in the hen house, are grey, not red, and feed on the blood of the chickens. An infestation can be lethal and kill your hens.

Her is my question. Does "Red Mite" occur in France? I have never heard of it here. I am always vigilant, checking for them and have found nothing.

If it is a problem in France could anybody tell me what the French name for the condition and the name for medication is please? Also, can I buy anti Red Mite powder, or anything to eraicate or prevent it at the garden centres. If so, what is it called.

Thank you so much in advance for any help you can give. x

Thank you very much for your help. I hope I never have a Red Mite problem with my four,free range, hens but if I do, I now know what do do.

They are called poux rouges and here they are together with some treatment