Chicory - Endives

Yesterday found a box of Endive/Chicory racemes cheap. My rabbit loves Endives. The girlfriend likes them too but she hasn’t got cute floppy ears

SO do I have to “force” them or can I just let them grow normally? I’m aiming for them to be a perennial crop - my gut says let them grow naturally this year the rabbit will eat anything - next year when they’ve had a chance to develop is the time to force them.

Or do i force a crop - then let them grow naturally

Its a bit late - hence reduced to clear - and they’re a bit tatty/dried out… so I’m sort of viewing them as a bit like rhubarb and a year to develop is good for the longer tern.

Forcing gives you a less bitter white crop as opposed to a green bitter leaf? The rabbits presently eating her plastic cage so she’s not fussy - girlfriend is bit more picky

We’ve never managed to keep endives overwinter, so we can only grow as an annual crop…but pretty late into the year.

Grow them as a cut and come again crop, and if you want them less bitter then cover them up for a couple of weeks before you harvest.