'child benefit'

Morning all

Wondering if someone can help with advice?

We have lived in France for 5 months & in that time have filled in forms we were given at the CAF when we asked about family benefit. We received a letter back saying we couldn't claim RSA as we don't have enough income (correct as we're not working yet).

However, from reading up, we should be receiving PAJE as we have 2 children under the age of 3. I believe that PAJE isn't means tested and everyone should receive it - and it is automatically paid to parents when children are born.

So my question is... how do we get it?! How to we 'apply' for something that is automatically paid?!

We have been to the CAF and they only talk about the RSA and how we have to be earning 997€ a month before we can receive it.


Jo I think you will find you need to have paid into the system before you can claim anything from it! It doesn't make sense to me that you can be resident for such a short time, not have worked but be able to claim money from the state.