Child immunisations mandatory?

Does anyone know the French law on child immunisations? I note that there was a test case recently and the parents were fined - but I cannot find out any more than that.

Is anyone up to speed on this topic.?

Furthermore, how are French residents affected if they are not French citizens, because immunisations are not (yet, thankfully) mandatory in UK so I wonder what would be the position of a child of british citizenship but living here in France?

I found this but it's from 2014 - trying to find if there are any updates but for immediate purposes this might be a start. It would apply to any school age child.

"Schools can suspend a child’s start until proof of vaccinations is supplied. In France, vaccinations are carried out at doctors’ clinics and at free sessions organised by the local mairies.

The obligatory vaccinations are:
- diphtheria (dipthérie)
- tetanus (tétanus)
- polio (poliomyélite)

Another five are strongly recommended. They are:
- mumps (oreillons)
- measles (rougeole)
- rubella (rubeole)
- whooping cough (coqueluche)
- tuberculosis (tuberculose).

Here you go - this is the government website, updated in June 2016 so very recent. The link is to the calendar page but the 'vaccination' tab on the right will give more general information as well.

thanks for the inputs - I was using the SFN to try to shortcut the plodding through the 'official' website in French. Seems the French system may be as per the USA - the vaccinations are not officialy obligatory - but acceptance to school is dependent upon having them. This would perhaps clarify the position of a UK citizen who is French resident - for vaccinations in Uk are (at least for the moment) optional.

No need to plod through - I'm pasting below the current laws: polio, diptheria and tetanus are compulsory; the others are recommended

Article L3111-2 More about this article ...

Amended by Act No. 2007-293 of 5 March 2007 - s. 37 JORF March 6, 2007

The diphtheria and tetanus vaccinations for tetanus are mandatory unless recognized medical indication-cons; they must be practiced simultaneously. Individuals holding parental authority or who are responsible for the guardianship of minors are held personally responsible for the implementation of this measure, the justification must be provided upon admission in any school, daycare, summer camp or other community of children.

A decree determines the conditions under which practiced vaccination against diphtheria and tetanus immunization.

Article L3111-3 More about this article ...

Amended by Act No. 2004-806 of 9 August 2004 - s. 4 Journal officiel of 11 August 2004

Polio vaccination is compulsory except against-recognized medical indication, age and under conditions determined by decree of the State Council, issued after consultation with the National Academy of Medicine and of the High Council for Public Health. Individuals holding parental authority or who are responsible for the guardianship of minors held personally executing this obligation.

This is the page if you want to read more;jsessionid=1A5AB9BBF840CC6B04F75AF74CA8AF25.tpdila08v_1?idSectionTA=LEGISCTA000006171171&cidTexte=LEGITEXT000006072665&dateTexte=20160821

thanks Valerie

DPT is required and the others are recommended - they are worth getting because while you rely on herd immunity you can be lucky but it really isn't worth getting chilhood illnesses later in life as they don't present the same relatively innocuous way at all. The health carnet with all relevant vaccinations and boosters up to date is required for going on trips etc with school and even when going into higher education. TB was required in spite of WHO rulings until relatively recently and sometimes still is by village schools - many GPs will give a homeopathic 'vaccine' which ticks the box.

thanks Véronique.

Can you say more about your reference to 'homeopathic vaccines'?

My dr is a GP with an interest in homeopathy ( I don't believe in homeopathy at all) and when I told him what I thought of the TB inoculation which was at the time required for admission to school he gave my youngest daughters the homeopathic version. Nice to have little balls of sugar with no effects but box-ticking, rather than a great weeping sore for 6 months on the upper arm which is what the 3 eldest had after their intradermal classic vaccine, like many people. TB vaccine doesn't confer immunity either which is why I and the WHO think it is rubbish. Ask for it from a GP who does homeopathy. ps I am a big fan of necessary, effective vaccination and I have a big problem with the antivaxx movement, just so you know :-) I wouldn't touch a homeopathic DTP vaccine, for example. Not that I think such a thing exists, nobody is that silly.

Hi again Véronique. Out of interest, is your GP old?

Sounds a silly question but when I was looking at homeopathy in France, I seem to remember that it is now outlawed and only GP's who commenced practicing before a long time ago (not sure when) are allowed to continue practicing it.

I must declare that at my current level of knowledge on the subject my views are probably different to yours, however if we can continue to exchange views & information that must be a good thing;


He's quite old - mid to late 50s. I think that you can't be just a homéopathe and call yourself a dr but you can be an allopathic ie mainstream medical dr and have an interest in homoeopathy just as you can also be a 'normal' dr and do acupuncture, a bit of physio etc assuming you have done a course.

I rather thought your views and mine were likely to be very different, which is why I thought I'd better warn you ahead ;-) I spent a year working for Médecins Sans Frontières which is why my opinions are perhaps a bit undivided.

strange the way things go Véronique; we run a small art galerie here and have as our 'house charity' MSF, and indeed only yesterday we all got soaked during our village annual vide grenier - but nontheless we raised 250€ bringing out total for this year to over 3,000€.

I understand your views if you have been trained under the 'establishment system' - I have the same dissagreements with my wife who is a former NHS nurse !

I am not medically trained and am researching this from first principles. If you feel able to take a look at this from a different viewpoint, you could do worse than watch the film 'vaxed' - free on you tube.

Thanks for your input.


Wow, that's a fantastic amount to raise, well done! And thank you :-)