Childcare / Teaching in Toulouse?

Hi there guys,

My name is Beth I'm 19 and I'm currently living in the UK. I have actually grown up in France as a young child. I'm looking to move back to Toulouse in Jan. I'm very keen to do childcare work / teaching as I'm bilingual in both languages and simply adore spending time with children. I was wondering if anybody had some ideas on how to go about finding work in childcare / teaching in Toulouse ? Also are there any specific requirements ? I have had some experience in dealing with young children.
Many thanks !

Hello Beth, what point are you at in your studies?

If you want to teach in France, you have to get a degree first - then you will need an MA and to do the capes or the concours for primary teaching as both recruit on a Bac (or equivalent) + 5 years of higher education basis.

If you want to work with children in France in some other job, you will need other, appropriate qualifications.

I'm sorry not to sound more encouraging but unless you have specific, recognised skills (besides being bilingual, which will in any case need to be validated in some way) it is a pretty poor look-out jobwise at the moment.

I have children your age, who are also bilingual and I don't say anything different to them, by the way!