Childhood Heroes

Sad to see another of my heroes has gone… I loved running… but never got to his level… :relaxed::relaxed:

Did you have any childhood hero… you tried to emulate… ???

Dick Barton, Special Agent. (Cue music “Flying Scotsman”…) :thinking: (Dick who…???)

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Dr Who (Tom Baker)
Commander Koneig (Space 1999) ( Martin Landau)
Avon (Blake 7) (Paul Darrow)
Servalan (Blake 7) (Jacqueline Pearce)


So I had a mixed view on good/bad fictional heroes to follow… :slight_smile:


LOL my childhood was long before most of you, I reckon… :relaxed::relaxed:

A hero I had in childhood though he had been long dead before I was born. Ernest Shackleton Antarctic explorer and so much more efficient/effective than the much vaunted Scott.

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Absolutely… a real hero… going where no man had gone before (long before Star Trek) :relaxed::relaxed: He was the one to have in your team… :hugs:

I saw that this morning, and saddened again. So many folk, that had a part in one’s life; even though remotely such as Roger.

Barry John for me. ( some may say who ??? ) since a picture can save a 1000 words…

I’ve been in a pub with a couple of your heroes. I lived in Swanage for a couple of years and at one time they were filming Blake’s 7 in a nearby limestone quarry. The cast used our local in the evenings.

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fully agree … a childhood hero has gone… I tried hard to run fast but never got to his level

Brazilian Captain Carlos Alberto…who wouldn’t want to score a goal like that?

David, I’m jealous !! :slight_smile:

I sort of knew Blake 7/Doctor Who team used the same quarry.

Before I came to France, I lived in Chesham and with a bit of Serendipity, they had a factory/workshop which supplied the models/makeup for the ‘New’ Doctor Who series.

But wow, jealous!


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C’mon, Stella, spill those past-their-use-by Ministry of Food beans!

We want to know who had your pulse racing yesteryear…:star_struck::face_with_hand_over_mouth:

My very earliest childhood heroes were lassie…black beauty…and mozart…I still love Mozart…:):grinning:

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Earliest heros are all sporting : Jimmy Greaves, Dave Mackay and Garfield Sobers.

Ha ha… .I remember seeing Blue Hawaii … went with a couple of school pals. One of the mums had paid for us to go. She was alarmed to see us weeping copiously when she collected us from the cinema… :sob::sob::sob:

“Oh… he is so gorgeous”… was about all she got out of us on the way home… :hugs::hugs::hugs:

Barry John but surely also Gareth Edwards and JPR Williams?

Yes JPR, the rock, the brave combatant and fearless. Gareth Edwards, a magician and scorer of arguably the greatest try recorded. Barry John was an artist, and as i played rugby in that position at school, Barry was playing for Wales and the Lions.

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Price, Windsor and Faulkner. Don’t forget the donkeys.

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